Love Poems About Sundae or Sundae Love Poems
by Maryam Jameela Haniff |
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Ice-cream Flavours

      Ice-cream Flavors

For a taste of ice-cream flavors
let's start with chocolate

A dip into the world of love 
with a sense of tingle from above

Vanilla brings a sweetness to the tongue
and turns upside down every single frown

Take a deep breath in every bite
for butterscotch ice-cream is just right

Take a dance in the milky way
as you taste a caramel ice-cream sundae

Taste all the flavors on your tongue
take a plunge in each world
a dance in each town

Each taste is unique
with its own special spark
a yummy little thing
that brings you out of the dark.

by John Smith |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, me,

Butt Man

A boob man I could be.
Yours do titillate me,  
so jiggly and bouncy. 
The two of them and me,
a love triangle we.

But your butt's what sends me 
skyward.  My ecstasy 
comes when I get to see 
that vertical cleft be 
creased horizontally.  

Those two mounds' little 'v' 
that sits like a cherry 
on a Sundae ought be 
against some law.  A 'Pee- 
ping Tom' it entraps me. 
Odd parts entice.  Dimply 
knees charm, and those curvy 
flanks get me all squeezie. 
But you bent overly; 
Wow! That's pure poetry. 

*2nd place in F Hererra's contest 'Erotica' 11/30/11.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

A Yummy Sundae Topping

Trying to write sillies but love words keep popping My brain's turned to mush, my love is non stopping Life is a blast What more could I ask Than to feel this love, it's like a yummy sundae topping © Jack Ellison 2015

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Andrea knows the answers

Tail moves the dog or dog moves the tail ?
Who moves faster than  Carol's e mail?
Who knows the recipe of relativity soup?
What is the blood group of Becky's latest scoop?
Who wins the battle of Xomba in  Galaxy 3?
Who catches a butterfly in the woods of Innisfree ?
Who goes to west when east sleeps on feast?
Who cries like a cucumber when she is kissed?
Who builds a yellow villa on the cloud nine?
Who writes" I Love You" on Cindy's credit line?
Who milks a honeybee to make the Pandora cheese?
Who chases a Spanish lion in the Chinese seas?
Andrea knows the answers  she is the poet of all
She burns the oil of moon after a sundae nightfall.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

Cream Corn

One of life's true pleasures Is cream corn from a can Hot or cold it matters not I'm just a great big fan I have it with potatoes Or I spread it on my toast As topping for my sundae I love this way the most People stare and say aloud “That seems a little weird” If you've never ever tried it It's tastier than it appears I'm really quite a simple dude Don't need expensive stuff A dozens cans of yellow gold That might be just enough! To satisfy this hungry dude For a day or two or five Can't stop this lustful craving Think I'll try it on apple pie! © Jack Ellison 2013

by PAT Adams |
Categories: analogy, food, humor,

Back On The Wagon

Lately, I'm trying to diet
There's a lot of pain in fitness
All the tasty foods are taboo
Tell me, can I get a witness?

Standing on scales Saturday
Was my motivation to try
But without my chocolate sundae
I don't know but that I might die!

All the famous diet "Guru's" 
Cast shade on the foods that I love
There's no way you can convince me
Cheeseburgers are not from above!

Not pushed, I jumped off the wagon
Thinking, "I'm not really that fat!"
I decided to leave it be
I thought, "Yes I can live with that!"

Then shortly there after I hear,
Across the street in a wee voice
"Hey mommy, look at that fat man!"
So......back on the wagon's my choice!

by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: life, love,

A Sepia Mahogany Tan Poem

This is my brown poem,
A sepia, mahogany, tan poem,
Coffe colored with cream poem,
A dark chocolate, caramel colored peom.
A sweet tooth, got to have you white chocolate poem.
Golden brown, sassy brown...a hot fudge sundae syrup
Dripping poem.
Hershey kisses chocolate, tongue tickling, teasing poem.
Spine tingling
Brown poem.
Writing a brown poem with my pink pen,
With love in the middle,
Yeah, with love in the middle.


by dillon lewis |
Categories: kiss, life,

A beautiful day well spent

Before the world ends, take my hand
Put your lips on mine, times running thin
We can have dinner, smoke up a bowel
Make love a few times, get drunk by the pool
Watch movies all night, enjoy the sun rise
Create art in the kitchen, watch clouds rolling by
Make popcorn to eat, feed the rest to the birds
Create our own language, blow up old fireworks 
Drive an hour to hike, skinny dip in the creek
Lay a blanket in the red dirt, take a nap in the breeze
Drive home after sundown, turn the radio up loud
Share a big hot fudge sundae, drive to the house
Change into pajamas, put on a movie we’ve seen
Make love again, cuddle up just to sleep
A beautiful day well spent.

by fauxcroft wade |
Categories: chocolate, food, fun, poetry, sweet,

Ice cream

I scream

I dream

I love ice cream,

Brain freeze

This is agony,

Salted caramel

Or mint choc chip,

Strawberry sundae

Tastes good to me,

I have a confession

I love rum and raisin,

I scream

I dream

I love ice cream,

The taste and the texture

I think are heaven,

Out of ten

I score ice cream eleven.