Love Poem: Butt Man
John Smith Avatar
Written by: John Smith

Butt Man

A boob man I could be.
Yours do titillate me,  
so jiggly and bouncy. 
The two of them and me,
a love triangle we.

But your butt's what sends me 
skyward.  My ecstasy 
comes when I get to see 
that vertical cleft be 
creased horizontally.  

Those two mounds' little 'v' 
that sits like a cherry 
on a Sundae ought be 
against some law.  A 'Pee- 
ping Tom' it entraps me. 
Odd parts entice.  Dimply 
knees charm, and those curvy 
flanks get me all squeezie. 
But you bent overly; 
Wow! That's pure poetry. 

*2nd place in F Hererra's contest 'Erotica' 11/30/11.