Love Poem: Back On The Wagon
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Written by: PAT Adams

Back On The Wagon

Lately, I'm trying to diet
There's a lot of pain in fitness
All the tasty foods are taboo
Tell me, can I get a witness?

Standing on scales Saturday
Was my motivation to try
But without my chocolate sundae
I don't know but that I might die!

All the famous diet "Guru's" 
Cast shade on the foods that I love
There's no way you can convince me
Cheeseburgers are not from above!

Not pushed, I jumped off the wagon
Thinking, "I'm not really that fat!"
I decided to leave it be
I thought, "Yes I can live with that!"

Then shortly there after I hear,
Across the street in a wee voice
"Hey mommy, look at that fat man!"
So......back on the wagon's my choice!