Love Poem: A beautiful day well spent
dillon lewis Avatar
Written by: dillon lewis

A beautiful day well spent

Before the world ends, take my hand
Put your lips on mine, times running thin
We can have dinner, smoke up a bowel
Make love a few times, get drunk by the pool
Watch movies all night, enjoy the sun rise
Create art in the kitchen, watch clouds rolling by
Make popcorn to eat, feed the rest to the birds
Create our own language, blow up old fireworks 
Drive an hour to hike, skinny dip in the creek
Lay a blanket in the red dirt, take a nap in the breeze
Drive home after sundown, turn the radio up loud
Share a big hot fudge sundae, drive to the house
Change into pajamas, put on a movie we’ve seen
Make love again, cuddle up just to sleep
A beautiful day well spent.