Love Poems About Mite or Mite Love Poems
by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: autumn, endurance, funny love, grandfather, lust, natural disasters, sensual,

Pinch An Ear

O help me!  I've fallen
And I can't get it up!
I'm stuck here acrawlin'
Up a Double-D cup

Now don't let us dicker
I am over the hill
Just be a mite quicker
Slipping me that blue pill!

by Taina Hogu |
Categories: love,

63 Pairs of Nothing

So your ex has 63 pairs of shoes
Nice but she doesn’t have you
Rather have you than 63 pairs of nothingness
Bored, divorced, waiting for the next sounds meaningless
I’ll take 63 pairs of you
That’s 63 times the value
Of a strong black man, an omen of things to come
You with a closet full of shoes collecting dust
Me with your ex looking at me his eyes full of lust
Not about the shoes lady, shoes won’t keep you warm at night
Shoes don’t say baby you look “Dy-no-mite”
So go ahead with your 63 pairs of shoes
Soon you about to hear the news
So get you dress and put on a nice pair 
Cause I’m walking down the aisle with your ex
He on cloud nine dancing on air like Fred Ester

by Miriam Bell |
Categories: color,


P ink is a color from the rainbow
Its the color candy floss
No other color is as quit as good
K it mite be a bit vibrant but who cares

Pink it can be pail alumnus or bright 
Infact girls love pink
Never say pinks horrible
K to boy s it mite be but I love pink because pinks just me

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: games, sports, trust, truth,

I'D Play For No Pay

A drug that can’t be detected
A substance legally protected
  You know I play for the love of the game
  I’d play for free if they didn’t pay me

An insert in my shoes to look taller
A substitute ball a mite smaller 
  You know I play for the love of the game 
  I’d play for free if they didn’t pay me

The slightest edge, any advantage
Some chemical goop under a bandage
  You know I play for the love of the game
  I’d play for free if they didn’t pay me

by Justin Robbins |
Categories: confusion, depression, introspection, loss, lost love, sad, sympathy

Secrets Hidden

I sit and cry night after night
Scared to turn on the light
Afraid of what I mite see
That silhouette of me
Mirrors reflection casting shadows of the past
Times misfortune undeniably all I can grasp
My intentions full of pride
Yet hiding behind walls cemented lies
Sickly mucky gooey slimy smiles
Deserted sad lonely torturing miles
Alone I walk them without a hand
Embracing the drip dropping of times sand
Fading from site gone forever
A chance to relive them slim to never
Grasping for breath to inhale my demeanor
Loosing its weight becoming leaner

by Invincible Pen |
Categories: love,

I Love To Love Thee

Like flowers near the dam
You stay safe to live
That’s why I like to say
I love to love thee

Like rainbows in the day
You remain rear to sight
Very true to my eyes
I love to love thee

Like sunlight in the night
Can I imagine your appearance?
Am lost to the thought of you
I love to love thee

Like breeze to the hotheads
You blow my mind
Far from lust and hate 
I love to love thee

Like moon’s scheduled light
So is my mighty lovers’ mite
Like a toothless bite
I love to love thee


by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: beauty, longing, love,

Butts and Iffs

Butts and iffs 

Too bee or knot two bee,
When hole poetree can bee red strait,
Why mite we sale on the stormy waive ?

Too bee or knot two bee,
Throwns waited for there mitey kings,
Morning there death butt time would sing,

Two bee or knot too bee,
Queen that rained(reigned) till cheque was maid,
Umpires are lost in mad love race,

Any lessens learnt ?
It was her beau tea,
he chose to dye for ?
Or the throwns or umpires that were so mimely ?
Pure love had one ( won) !

Written August 14th, 2015
For contest "Don't fight it- write it" by John

by Jai Garg |
Categories: life, love

Spider Mite

Lady Spider weaving her web again;
Powerful stories surfing on the net.
Hostess - protecting anchors around
Trail Blazer, accosting melodic sound.   

Wonder now, what traps she spins.
Boomerang, those frailed legs wantonly pin.
Hideous grips, Neo Geometric moves,
Tempting shots, another day, type cast hooves.

True DNA, we ought to meet,
Face to face on grass luscious green;
Fencing brainstorm, Vedic games:
Who lost and who reigns supreme.

Mark words; the destiny song sings,
Limpid Plangent the oasis rings:
Grasshoppers play their fiddle well.
She spider fries her tale: and it sells.

by Tila May |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, music, romance, song-lyrichappy, me, heart, sweet, happy, heart, me, sweet,

Heart of Stone

I have a heart of stone
I like you but leave me alone
oh boy,boy,boy
I mite be rite for you
now prove that to be rite
I mite just end up loving you
you want the sweet and happy days
you wanna crack my heart
and push the stones away
you wanna heal me up
and pave my wings with gold
cus my heart is very cold
you say im the star
you wanna pull from the sky
the season for love
and thats the reason why
you want the sweet and happy days
you wanna crack my heart
and push the stones away
you wanna heal me up
and pave my wings with gold
cus my heart is very cold

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, best friend, boyfriend,

A Matchless Mite

My love looms still in your room, 
a carousel billowing in 
boundless bloom,
watch it like the dew distil 
before dawn;
in a dream of passion before 
roses yawn.

My love commits one common 
it steals through your blind at 
with smiles so bright from dusky 
leaving the rainbow glued to 
your eyes.

This is more than a dream, feel it,
like the Icycles in Autumn, see it;
crystal clear, written in black and 
not to be measured though a 
tender mite.

by Brittany Andrews |
Categories: art, caregiving, confusion, depression, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, inspirational, lost love, love, mystery

What Mite Be



A FORBIDEAN LOVE that could NEVER be shared
  (sound nice in a way)

But, I stay AWAKE WOUNDERING, DREAMING, of what could have COME TO BE.

Only if we were ONE.

         You said 
       "ONE LOVE"
But WHO is the "ONE"?
 & WHO"S "LOVE"?

 Coming close to NOTHING
The clock it TICKING


(( leaves comment IF you like... i'v worked hard on some and i'd LIKE to HEAR what 
     :) thank you

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: angel,

Gudgodi Or Natak

Alfaso ke phank se, Gudgodi

 Walk of a horse TAK, TAK, TAK
 fly with a wings

Dard mite bus tere muskurane se
Alfaso ke phank se , Gudgodi

Smile,  never understand the colour
 Of black and run with TAK TAK TAK. ..

Sawalo mai phasa rhata hoon 
tuje muskurate dehkne ko, 

Why I didn't understand one thing
 When you have wings then why you run

One day I'll catch your horse babe. 
But I like it's wicked Natak. 

 Gudgodi huie
good morning

With love all
jagdish bajantri

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: life, lovelife, perspective,

Live, Laugh, Love

Life’s all about learning to love
Invest in others, put on the givers’ glove
Value others, like they are a viable venture
Expend on them, your time, talent and treasure

Life is all about living today without worries
Allow hope to stay while you dream tarries
Understand that life is but a passing phase
Gently lean on God’s promises and grace
Hope for the best for the rest of your days

Learn to lend someone your life, love and light
Open your door to the poor; give them the widow’s mite
View life from other people’s perspective, and then
Express emotional concern when it seem there are in a den

by Angelia Dawson |
Categories: upliftingheaven, heaven,

The Journey Home

The journey home is a narrow road sometimes hard to travel.
But heaven is worth any trail that we may come against.
Trouble we face in life, for the love of God is don’t to much.
He says I wont but nothing on you that you can’t bear.
We have a promise of a heavenly home, where we will thirst no more, or shed another tear.
We  will see Jesus the one that die for us.
By coming in this world to die, so we mite have a eternity life
in heaven above.

by Brooke Story |
Categories: depression, lost love,


Memories of better times
Before all the heartbreak
Before all the tears
Just wish I could go back
Memories of happy times
Good memories
Before all the sadness
I wish I could stop all the madness
Then it mite be easer
To get thru all the bad times
Maybe I could get over you
And all these memories


by Charles Hice |
Categories: education, on work and working, on writing and words, words,

Righting Words

Righting Words 

Righting Words 
Another poem for my Violet Flower and Mary 

I like to right, 
I am doing all write. 
I do it with my mite. 
I am swiping at a might. 
I have my site,and 
I can see you at my sight. 
I am very slough,but 
they slow as they go by. 
AND the way is sheared 
by all the wind, 
AND the way is sheered 
by all the dressers. 
Love is a word you knoe, 
but luv is knot,it does not 
even register,but you still 
have thyme to find a rhyme 
I do knoe its time. 

Charles R HIce 

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice

by John Tanaskow |
Categories: life,


People live and people die. 
People even get high.
Some co mite suicide. 
All they want is to hide.
Fear is deep. Love is strong.
Pain is life. When we say bye.
We all must choose the path we take.
But fear we shall make a mistake.
Do not worry for he is all.
He shall guide every step we take.
Do not fake a selfish grin.
For a mask is a mistake.
And life is the risk we take

by Christuraj Alex |
Categories: life, november, weather,

Northern November

Cold mild; like ice-touched feather not so light!
Blossoms of flowers in their sweet sight!
Shy sun rays seem to contribute their mite,
To make this season so glad and bright!

A myrrh-fragrant breeze blows delightfully,
Feeding poetic feelings fully;
Fogs, like minute cotton particles, fly,
Birds on branches bid them cool goodbye!

Come, dear love, stay with me a day or two,
Rains in the south, now, maybe scary;
As birds drift adjusting seasonal woe,
Can't we enjoy this season, merry?

(While November in Northern India is enjoying pleasantly cold weather, southern India is suffering from heavy rains)

18 November 2021