Love Poem: Butts and iffs
Dr. Upma A. Sharma Avatar
Written by: Dr. Upma A. Sharma

Butts and iffs

Butts and iffs 

Too bee or knot two bee,
When hole poetree can bee red strait,
Why mite we sale on the stormy waive ?

Too bee or knot two bee,
Throwns waited for there mitey kings,
Morning there death butt time would sing,

Two bee or knot too bee,
Queen that rained(reigned) till cheque was maid,
Umpires are lost in mad love race,

Any lessens learnt ?
It was her beau tea,
he chose to dye for ?
Or the throwns or umpires that were so mimely ?
Pure love had one ( won) !

Written August 14th, 2015
For contest "Don't fight it- write it" by John