Love Poem: Righting Words
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Written by: Charles Hice

Righting Words

Righting Words 

Righting Words 
Another poem for my Violet Flower and Mary 

I like to right, 
I am doing all write. 
I do it with my mite. 
I am swiping at a might. 
I have my site,and 
I can see you at my sight. 
I am very slough,but 
they slow as they go by. 
AND the way is sheared 
by all the wind, 
AND the way is sheered 
by all the dressers. 
Love is a word you knoe, 
but luv is knot,it does not 
even register,but you still 
have thyme to find a rhyme 
I do knoe its time. 

Charles R HIce 

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice