Love Poem: 63 Pairs of Nothing
Taina Hogu Avatar
Written by: Taina Hogu

63 Pairs of Nothing

So your ex has 63 pairs of shoes
Nice but she doesn’t have you
Rather have you than 63 pairs of nothingness
Bored, divorced, waiting for the next sounds meaningless
I’ll take 63 pairs of you
That’s 63 times the value
Of a strong black man, an omen of things to come
You with a closet full of shoes collecting dust
Me with your ex looking at me his eyes full of lust
Not about the shoes lady, shoes won’t keep you warm at night
Shoes don’t say baby you look “Dy-no-mite”
So go ahead with your 63 pairs of shoes
Soon you about to hear the news
So get you dress and put on a nice pair 
Cause I’m walking down the aisle with your ex
He on cloud nine dancing on air like Fred Ester