Love Poems About Leech or Leech Love Poems
by Delysia Hendricks |
Categories: romantic,


For Richard Lamoureux's "Any line" contest.  

Richard Seale-d Door's line:  slammed shut are the doors in "A mind made up".

You told me before
slammed shut are the doors
when my love for you went astray
I got my comeuppance
he's worth not a tuppence
and rumor has it he's gay

Lest I've need of another  
visit to me brother
sometime for a quick howdy-do
or longing for discourse
in code as of Morse
on the stealth oiled a hinge, p'haps two

Ah, found me a crack
Leech-a is back 
my love for the other's dissipated 
you smile goodly, warmly
longingly, lovingly
my return welcome and anticipated 

Delysia Hendricks

by Red Fiery |
Categories: depression,

Incurable Insomnia

will  tell you,,why I dont sleep

 but  this  will only make me weep


the  sunken pride of my eyes

 all the dreams that I visualize,,


in my naked heart !

 the engine over here doesnt start !


i creep and crawl in the staircase

 and think of my pure golden days


i  am a patient of this incurable disease

 sucking my blood like a deadly leech


with this heavy and powerful Tryptomer 25gm

 I am still awake till 5.00 am !


No longer do I pray for the sunlight !

 i  love to walk in the moonlight !………..

by Kevin Wheeler |
Categories: lovelove,

Sex On the Beach

the wind blows kisses to her hair;
I stare;is it fair
to look into the eyes of the angel while bare?
ummm!just taste the love in the air.

the water whistles over the love makin sounds.
the sweetness of her kiss kept the sun around.

red curls swirled upon my finger
the smell of her neck;candy coated;
caramel sweetener.

suck her neck if i was a leech;
lay your hands in the sand;
sex on the beach.

by Itsoghole O Solomon |
Categories: analogy, betrayal, break up, heartbreak, heartbroken, love, rose,


Thou are a leech upon the tender rose bud
When thou comes to find with it thy cosy warmth
And fare very well with it as this rose wax under the rays
And blooms with thee to flower thee to thy prime.

But how senseless anon, thou blight this fair rose
Thy life now expose to sunlight that finds thee a parasite
And thy shelter from hard wind, rain and frozen winter
As thou now makes it lifeless, where thy life springs!

by Jeanie Bennett |
Categories: humorous,

No Limits

How much do you love me
there are so many ways
No limits to my devotion
to your butt I would apply lotion
if you were fat and couldn't reach 
Or an infected wound I would place a leech
since we had no insurance
sorry about the amputation
and the investigation
I would dig out my hairs that dropped in your food
even the curly ones
while I was in the cooking mood
unless it was in chili or something
that you couldn't see it in
If your toenails got twisted and curled
I would do everything to straighten and unfurl
and be thankful there's only one foot

by J Hamilton Gist |
Categories: feelings,


Celibate to love
Attachments entrapment
Suffocates accepting expectation

Felicitous suppressants seem vague yet expecting acceptance to gleam
obediently wile anger continues to...
Our bond pulsates as days and nights are misinterpreted.

Inquiry demonstrates how to be a suitable leech
sucking patience from the reins of guided discontent.

Joined at the hip
Severed near the center
Dissected underneath.

What was once yoked to one another now hinges upon swollen pressure
The trembling heat of predictability examines the idea of being apart.

Broken rust the smell
Ripped apart in stillness
Should have left well enough alone at first.

by Judy Oketch |
Categories: lost love

How Passionless My Heart

Sorry for the many times I have loved you.
For the endless nights my images leech, 
And dote upon your memory.
Had not it that your peace drives my last nerve to insanity, - 
Need I mention cupid, the missing factor in this equation?- 
I fray, find me less a wife. 
I do your foil find pleasure in, 
Than that the clergy should hear my vows to you.
I tremble at the very imps I term your kisses. 
Were they, only less sweet? 
The ugly I so love in you- 
Only this would be my death,-
A blunt, in a knavery of emotions so deep within
Yet roaming much without, about, unorthodox in time and sequence

by Olivia Struthers |
Categories: angel, art, beauty, earth,

Earths Language

The rain speaks in Morse
Code against my skin.
A language I long to 
Truths of life hidden 
In the tears of 
The earth. Tales
Of love blown by
The wind.
Wars leech from 
The earth as 
I pray, teach me.
We look for answers
All the while 
Walking atop them.
Beauty cast out
By bombs of concrete
And asphalt.
Sadness woven 
Into young hearts
To innocent to understand.
The earth speaks in 
Drums and oh
How I wish I could
Speak Morse code.

by Njeri Hunjeri |
Categories: age, growth, identity, introspection, life, me,

Half and Half

Is this another metaphor of my half love

Looking at the hourglass never took this long

All the times are ticking, all, even the biological clock

Is this another soul searching journey

Looking at my life with a telescope, just another half lie

Questions that lingers on, gripping like a leech, halfway to my sleep

by Colin Marschall |
Categories: lost love, nature,

The Jealous Sky

I watch the jealous sky
open it's eyes,
drag shrouds of grey
to leech colours from the day.
Yet even raindrops feel pity
as they feed the tributary
of pain upon my cheek,
diluting my skin, stained in you.
I could smell hopes freshness
in mornings birth,
and the sky was contented.

by Mehdi Hajizadeh |
Categories: life, love, parody,

The Leech

Mark but this leech and mark in this
It sucked me once, don’t know what happened then!
To be detached with salt or to be quenched with blood
Of the blood once sucked of mine
And of yours I have no idea
And in this leech our bloods might mingled be
Swelled skin after that sting
Let not to that self murdered added be
Now could this leech sinful be
How shall I know
That mixture is ours?!

by Scarlet Zaire |
Categories: analogy, love, moving on, sorry, trust,


To our commitment I already got myself engaged
Though you redoubtably say I’ve changed,
You think I no longer care
Or do you no longer see me still standing there?
With every backtracks I lose speech,
Blood to win you over was gone at leech
No, I never meant to do you harm
But in this home you and i built, can’t you come?
If you wish me to penitent with my foolishness,
As I plead, will you grant me forgiveness?
Look deep into me and start anew,
See in my eyes ‘there’s only you’
I am me, with you around,
Without you I can’t be in ground. 
I am never callous with conflicts,
But your love is what I need ‘for keeps’.

by Messoh Vincent |
Categories: abuse, analogy, anti bullying,

I'M a Flea

On blood the flea feed as a meal
Such a popular leader indeed
Generous as a love leech:
You sell my skin cheap
And in dollars pay me
During jovial funeral
In a golden coffin.
One not worthy
I'm just a flea
For thee
To kill

by Arianna Williams |
Categories: absence,

The Silence

To know the silence, no false witness can contest  to a bitter truth. 
To hear the silence feelings can't coexist, but bury the leech into the skin.
Eat at the flesh may you or die with the silence of nothing or die  if there be no say so. 
To trust the silence spare no greater detail of structured torment and lie still within dull armour and know the silence  of no protection. Suckle loathsome. 
To know the silence of love,thy know thy brother hate. Silence can challenge hate, but hate shall not fathom the nature of silence. 
To know the silence 
To know the silence 
To know the silence

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: beauty,

Two Sonnets: 1 Stillness


Stillness moves tense in vibrant flow,
Etch a deep feel of presence here;
Notch visual sense as impact shows,
See how love heals in surge of cheer;
Observe the reach of words that hurl,
Rest weary frame in pleasant fare;
Ignite sure pitch as pictures swirl,
Anoint good name in lively dare;
Leech that wise taste that wonder brings.
Treat poignant surge in thought profound,
Opt for stern haste in fleeting swings;
Upfront clear urge drives happy grounds,
Calm vivid smiles claim feel that moves
Heart and mind style the lovely grooves.

Leon Enriquez
04 February 2016

by Courtney Hallett |
Categories: lost love

Strawberry Kisses

My pain is all connected
Because he is out of my reach.
Not having him again
Is like having a leech suck my blood.

It's draining and painful.
Well, I have to see him everyday.
My emotions are running,
They're getting away;
Going, going and now they are gone.

I really do need him back.
He's the only one that loved me for me.
He doesn't realize how much I hurt.
My heart is about to burst.

by Guy-Adler Dorelien |
Categories: love

The Loving Leech

I am the lover but mostly the loving leech,
Attached, to your tarred back sucking all the woes away.

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, love, sad,

Bad Days

It seems God doesn’t listen when I pray
And all the fearsome bad days are here to stay!

No matter how hard I try to overcome crisis
It lingers like a leech on my life to ruin my peace!

Year after year I am looking for love
I would go abroad if I were a dove.

Now I am a middle-aged man and furthermore poor
As if I am still begging for love from door to door.

by Acid Rapper |
Categories: best friend, death, death of a friend, depression, sad,

Calling Voicemail

The love that I felt as she went down, down deep in my soul lying with her top side on the sheets for a low she sucked me dry mentally she the biggest leech that I know she saw that I was empty inside but got depression on mind that got me half stepping and misplacing my time she took her hand and she placed it on mine rolled over on top of a cold body that's mine and stared deep in them eyes built up tears that she wept became mine closed her eyes and opened up one more time we had nothing say cause it was her and herself all that sadness she felt a dead friend and a call which translated 9-1-1 a call for some help.... to be continued

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: earth, life,

Earthly Math

Easy math to drink the blood, need
To be mosquito; leech in the mind
Of tongue can live in the disguise

Disguise in wearing neat and clean
Clothes good for all but the time
Speaks to a voice of shameless eyes

Eyes are counting the equation tiles
Of life where a sharp knife is cutting
The long thread of ages by cheating

Cheating is not real norms of manners
But to solve the higher math of life
Human takes shelter here as a pious

Pious a display center of well-formed business
Earthly life where all love to enjoy all in cash

22.08.2020 Chattogram

by Donny Ingraham |
Categories: lost love


Pain goes without words
without measure
the burden is placed
in silence it is carried
 In tears it is known
like a leech 
sucking all of your energy
pain leaves one empty

by Christopher Quigley |
Categories: poetry,

God-A Brief Thought

What if he can only feel love
but can't give it
that would explain all the praising
kinda like a love leech
makes me feel sorry for him
if he even existed
no legion or religion
i wanted to join
there might be a space
a soul could fill
my face would be so red
i am an it i'm sure that what you said
yeah i am doing his bits as well
all these wanting to know why
less i couldn't care
maybe i can't see only good
if anything was there

by Mark Matthews |
Categories: angst, depression, imagination, lost love,

Hell & Back

Your heart heaves in your chest
as you fall into the abyss.
Razor sharp walls
mince your body up,
and needles are shot
like missiles at you.
The beast slowly scrapes
your skull away
and sucks at your flesh
stuck in his teeth.

Your heart
becomes a blazing inferno,
as you claw and tear
at your chest
to put it out.
Then when all you desire
is Death,
you surface back to reality,
only to find
a vile black leech
sucking the emotions from you
     and Another.
You tear away
the slime ridden creature
leaving a grotesque,
disease infested scar in place.

by Joseph Jeremiah Naye |
Categories: love, wedding, wife,

Stuck On You

I am stuck on you for life
 Not like a leech on the skin
  But like termites in a nuptial flight

I am stuck on you for now and later
 Thick or thin, fair or rough weather
   In the stormy issues of life
    We come out with hands clasped

I am stuck on you
 In this journey of destiny
  Your love and affection has 
    lightened the burden.

I am stuck with you for life
 When there was seemingly nothing
  When the naysayers were shouting
    You stood by me professing your 

I am stuck with you and you with me
  This union shall be spoken off
    In the now and hereafter.