Love Poem: How Passionless My Heart
Judy Oketch Avatar
Written by: Judy Oketch

How Passionless My Heart

Sorry for the many times I have loved you.
For the endless nights my images leech, 
And dote upon your memory.
Had not it that your peace drives my last nerve to insanity, - 
Need I mention cupid, the missing factor in this equation?- 
I fray, find me less a wife. 
I do your foil find pleasure in, 
Than that the clergy should hear my vows to you.
I tremble at the very imps I term your kisses. 
Were they, only less sweet? 
The ugly I so love in you- 
Only this would be my death,-
A blunt, in a knavery of emotions so deep within
Yet roaming much without, about, unorthodox in time and sequence