Love Poem: Anew
Scarlet  Zaire Avatar
Written by: Scarlet Zaire


To our commitment I already got myself engaged
Though you redoubtably say I’ve changed,
You think I no longer care
Or do you no longer see me still standing there?
With every backtracks I lose speech,
Blood to win you over was gone at leech
No, I never meant to do you harm
But in this home you and i built, can’t you come?
If you wish me to penitent with my foolishness,
As I plead, will you grant me forgiveness?
Look deep into me and start anew,
See in my eyes ‘there’s only you’
I am me, with you around,
Without you I can’t be in ground. 
I am never callous with conflicts,
But your love is what I need ‘for keeps’.