Love Poem: Two Sonnets: 1 Stillness
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Written by: Leon Enriquez

Two Sonnets: 1 Stillness


Stillness moves tense in vibrant flow,
Etch a deep feel of presence here;
Notch visual sense as impact shows,
See how love heals in surge of cheer;
Observe the reach of words that hurl,
Rest weary frame in pleasant fare;
Ignite sure pitch as pictures swirl,
Anoint good name in lively dare;
Leech that wise taste that wonder brings.
Treat poignant surge in thought profound,
Opt for stern haste in fleeting swings;
Upfront clear urge drives happy grounds,
Calm vivid smiles claim feel that moves
Heart and mind style the lovely grooves.

Leon Enriquez
04 February 2016