Love Poems About Cattle or Cattle Love Poems
by Don Johnson |
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hope life is like a buttercup
cos this old fool does care
if i was there I’d kiss you but
you might object "how dare"

perhaps  I shouldn’t call the tune
and bring you to my sight
attraction brings the moth too soon
if I don’t employ it right

patience like a cattle dog
who lays there in the shade
connected not, just like the frog
before a prince was made

Francine made me do it:

Don  Johnson  15-4-11

by Surajit Dahal |
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Why My Heart Ponder

Why my heart ponder?
I, your offender..
What I gave?
Dark love in a cave...

I promised you a thousand lands
Didn't give enough sands...
Changing me and my love,
Hiding behind the black scarf..

Hiding me I couldn't speak,
Feared losing in a streak.
This was my only reason
But turned my passing season..

Now I rattle,

As a foolish cattle
Leaving your land and cheese,
Yet to find me some peace...

by Pushkar Korhalkar |
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Oh Rain

Oh Rain!

When land is dry and so is the sky,
When possibility of water is only in eye;

When trees turn yellow and cattle are thirsty,
When dependable God behaves little nasty;

When farms are burnt in the sun fire,
When our kid's beds turn into pyre;

When hope is lost and faith is shaken,
Don't you think it's time to awaken!

Oh Rain!

We know our mistakes; We know what we did,
Forgive us once; we'd correct our deed;

Late though, we've realized your worth,
Pour your love and bring back the mirth,
Let heaven appear once again on earth!!

by Matt Daniels |
Categories: angst, dedication, devotion, fear, history, war,


April 26th, 1937,
There came a day, when some would see Heaven.
The light shine above the heads,
To resemble the sparks of the bombs threads.

Mothers with their children,
Running out of the burning building.
German and Irish planes,
Flying above the open flames.

It was during the Spanish Civil War,
That lit the devils door.
Running through the ashes,
As the corps of the giving cattle crashes.

All you could do was watch,
If you weren't smart enough to launch.
Families refusing to leave their home,
Their love deepened as shown.

April 26, 1937,
Was when God got most up in heaven. 

Art Work: Guernica
Artist: Pablo Picasso

Poem by: Cali Mitchell

by Kat Crane |
Categories: cowboy-western, life, places

Texan Rose

London rain and Texan skies
Warm my heart and thrill my eyes
Flooded streets and clouds for miles
Think I’ll stay here for a while

Bright red buses and trusty steeds
Carry my spirit wherever they lead
City bustling and cattle at graze
This is where I spend my days

Royal parks with Texas Rangers
Sounds of home could not be stranger
London Symphony plays Tex Ritter
Here is where you’ll see me linger

Buckingham Palace address Dealey Plaza
My horizon spans farther and vaster
Cockney slang welcomes y’all
To a place my happiness befalls

Union Jack flies Stars and Stripes
A family parted again unites
An English rose with roots state side
A love of each, to both I’m tied

by Earl Schumacker |
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To Kill a Cow

Cars run down the road to New York City
Looking for cattle
There must be another way to make hamburgers
Not too many pastures in Manhattan
Traffic won't permit it
Going zero miles per hour is no way to hunt for dinner
What's McDonald’s secret
They sell billions every year
People in India are vegetarians
Animals have souls and ancestry
Cows carry signs in the city
“No buns or bumpers”
“Beep if you love Jesus”

by Richard Nah |
Categories: love, nature,

Somewhere Sabga

Somewhere Sabga

It lights the lamp with the fist of thunder
brightens and glows like magic power

And beyond rise the land of the stretching planes
in a geographical mulatto of landscape
hiding and speaking for Ngoketunja

To call you Borroro is not out of topic
as you rise and fall with cattle and horses

Sanctified with falls
every hill to you is a goddess
falling so well in beauty and slogan

Sabga, somewhere you are.

by Paula Swanson |
Categories: nostalgiahero, , western,

The .25 Cent Movie

Old Western movies in black and white, 
with the use of sepia to color night. 
Our hero rides in with his trusty sidekick, 
able to tame the wild town right quick. 
But not without his sidekicks comic relief 
and a big shoot out, with a cattle thief. 
They speed up the film for the chase scenes. 
There's always the love triangle it seems. 
Will our hero choose the bawdy saloon singer? 
Or the ranchers daughter, harassed by the gunslinger? 
It really doesn't matter, because we all know, 
in the end our hero rides off into the sunset alone.

by David Palmer |
Categories: holocaust,

Tattoo: For Yom Hashoah

No one makes it through life whole without the
Branding: marks, scars, tattoos that testify
To sorrows endur’d, bitter pills swallow’d;
Some say the inner invisible ones
Wounds deepest.  My tattoo on the forearm
Pierces through to my soul like a sliver
Infected, pussy, smarting constantly—
I was sub-human, thought expendable.
“Schneller! Schneller!” Under blinding lights bark
Camp guards as we stumble blindly, free from
Cattle car stench upon arrival. My
Precious Gretel taken away at once.
Workers to the left, showers to the right
I’d die in your place, Love, one-thousand times!

© 2016 David W. Palmer

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: dedication

Carrie Richards

On a couple of acres of land,
Lives a Southern Californian heart.
With rangeland a scenic backdrop,
She lives in her state’s Northern part.

Surrounded by mountains and meadows,
Her heart’s full of camping memories.
With many generations of creations,
The good Lord has blessed her family.

Mt. Shasta’s seen from her window,
And cattle, coyotes, and mountain lizards.
With a love for music, movies, and camping
We’re blessed by the poetry of Carrie Richards. 

Dedicated to a loving souper, Carrie Richards.
For blessing our work with her wonderful support.

by June Fone |
Categories: faithday, day,

A Poem For Christmas

There was no freshly fallen snow,
no tinsel and no mistletoe,
but, there was a star with a magical glow,
the day the babe was born.

There were no party games to play,
no Santa with his jingling sleigh,
but, there were three kings from far away,
the day the babe was born.

There was only a lowly cattle shed,
only a manger made as a bed,
but, a bright shining angel stood at his head,
the day this babe was born.

Still, we celebrate his birth,
so that we can fill the earth
with peace and love and joy and mirth
thank god, that Christ was born.

by Don Johnson |
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Nihilist Nihilist say we are here for no reason, say logic in fact has no chance, But we are born every season, to lowlife and better half dance, no memory of why do we suffer? No recall of love in the mist, hanged like the odd Cattle Duffer, the burn on me neck do insist, ironic we lack some good reason, door shut in the well of the mind, i'm here for what bloody reason, the past of the path don't unwind? Don Johnson

by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: christmas, jesus,

The Priceless Gift

When all the gifts have been opened,
And all the paper and ribbons thrown away...
When all the presents are divided into stacks,
And the dinner stored for another day.
A moment of truth arrives,
And we question “why all the bother and fuss?
Was it really worth it? All the tinsel and the muss?”

And then, we remember the reason for it all.
Jesus…who came down to Earth in a lowly cattle stall.
That day that God moved Heaven and Earth,
And Angels sang across the sky.
He gave that first Christmas gift
With that precious baby’s cry.
Yes, it is worth it, ALL the bother and all the fuss,
Reminding us of God’s love, and His priceless gift to us.

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: heart, nature, peace,

Seeking Serenity

I walk alone beside a highland stream
watching shadows lengthen and grow
in a tranquil valley where tree boughs lean
while grazing cattle quietly glean
about the lonely canyons as I go. 

In silence I view the fading sun
its rays alight the mountain peaks
a golden crown that begs me to come 
unshackle my burdens and hear the One
whisper His love, to my spirit He speaks. 

Written on 4/8/2018

by James Horn |
Categories: inspirational, travel,

Making Oklahoma

Making Oklahoma

Rather than a lot later wish it was sooner
When we both would become a honeymooner
And off to Oklahoma one day we did go
Where living is easy and things seem so slow.

Wide open spaces are here, there and around
To outstanding Oklahoma we will be bound
All of your imagination there it can catch
And once it does even more may stretch.

Plains are found flat and cattle close by
Will live and love it here until day we die
Gave our thanks to God for all of His grace
And for making Oklahoma a perfect place.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

by Deepak Chalise |
Categories: garden, good morning, heart,

Gardener's Love

Gardener's love

Leaving bed early in the morning
Gardener went to love dew
In the morning the taste is attractive
He takes it for his task of the day.

Viewing all flowers leaves and stems 
Bathed in cold of night
Still no tension, but love and faith of life

Watching the brought up from all side
With love and tender mind 
Roots out some grass for cattle and life

East glow provides breathe for all 
Slight air allows stamina in joy
Rising vapor from ground to the sky
Deposit in thick form as if message of collide.

Spending some breathe in open sky
Filling bliss and love in heart from there
Gardener returns towards home always.

by Vinoda Bommakanti |
Categories: angel, appreciation, assonance,

If There Was No Poetry

If there was no poetry
I would visit ward psychiatry
For poems give energy
Free me from an allergy
When we vent our woes
Wonders wander with us
Nature gives insight much
Only to bounce back such

If there was no poetry
I would visit cemetery
For there I understand my symmetry
Apart from life’s geometry
When I compose verses
On current customs and crises
It makes me feel relaxed
With all worries axed

If there was no poetry
I would visit toiletry
For there I get ideas many
Only to pen in a manner funny
When we worship words 
Love gushes like cattle herds
It makes us forget frustrations
And many small tribulations..!!

by Charles Ruble |
Categories: cowboy-western, people, work,

The Cowboy

Look in your mind,and picture if you can,
The dusty clothes,of a tall rough looking man.
The weathered chaps,the saddle worn pants.
It's some one you would know,at just one glance.
The worn boots,that he wears on his feet.
The sweat soaked handkerchief,from the hot summer heat.
The two six shooters,one hanging on each hip.
To the thick burly mustache,that rides on his lip.
The ca lust hands,from holding the reins.
A lifetime of work,from nothing he gains.
Driving cattle,his love and joy.
I tip my hat,to this real cowboy.

by Meridy Petricciolli |
Categories: faith, peace, seasons,

Christmas Song

Born to Bring
Peace on Earth,
Born to Mary,
A Virgin Birth.

Born to Bring
Love to Mankind,
Born to Joseph,
Pure of Mind.

Born to Bring
Joy to the World,
Born of the Spirit,
God’s Love Unfurled.

The Star of David,
The Wise Men Led –
The Brightest Light
To a Manger Bed.

Cattle Lowing,
While Angels Sang,
Blessed Hallelujahs
From Heaven Rang!

Born to Heal -
Born to Save -
Born to Die –
His Life He Gave.

by Michael Wayne |
Categories: lovelove,

Exotic Virgin Lover

Amnesia will blind your fractured love forever,
as I strip away the layers of your past.
The delicate undergarments of your being soak
in the musky scent of your arousal.

Innocence returns and purity is reborn.
I have cleared a gentle path for your arrival.
Mountains have parted, while
the Gods of love smile.

My thoughts of you consume days,
like cattle searching for sweet grass.
I must draw from your river,
and take in your warmth of unbridled skin.

I am broken and incomplete,
until the night we lie together.
In our reborn, naked arms we bond
with cherished adoration.

by Jeb Bush |
Categories: animal, appreciation, cancer, death of a friend, emo, freedom, true love,

Whaleiam Funguson

Whales live in the ocean
So it's pretty rare to find
A whale beached in Iowa
But it doesn’t mind

It swims in the Cedar
Takes care of the cattle
Stock breeder
Wildcat hill

Eventually, it’ll return home
Back to the plains
Iowa is all he’s ever known
The land of Ames

In Memory Of William Marshall Ferguson

by Denis Bruce |
Categories: friendship, life, philosophy,

Cri De Coeur

One thing that I know,
That I know nothing.
We are but cattle,
If we don't look deep.
Know thyself
Or know naught.
Difference in hue
Disguises the divine spark
That we all share.
So you are my neighbour
And I must love you as myself.
Where you suffer,
So must I.
We are bound together,
Though we seem to be apart.
Your poverty
My impoverishment.
To make a better world,
Let us learn to know ourselves
So we will know the other better.

by Perri Voge |
Categories: cowboy-western, family, father, loss, passion, sad, love,

How ????

As I herd cattle in 104 heat,
just to get food to eat...

Rememberin' what it was to be rich,
then all taken by the witch...

A woman so very evil,
like a fat bollwevil...

To let lies eat away lives,
as if to stab by knives...

It's really just not fair,
that she does not love or care...

About my little boys & girl,
& their poor broken world...

GOD knows about my plite,
only He can make it right...

Just want my kids to care,
about the sacrafices I made there...

I LOVE them &  swear,
that in My heart I am always near !!!

                                                             For My Kids, LOVE DAD  PRV

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
Categories: dance,

Going Home

Going home.  

 On the plain of Alentejo
sacred green grass ornamented with white flowers. 
Rolling landscape and big farms 
grazing cattle,
sheep in the shade of umbrella trees. 
Rolling landscape I would love to be a stallion here.
Alas, I see few horses and no mares,
but many four- wheeled motorbikes
disturbing the peace. 
Cows, sheep and big balled bulls
milk and meat,
time to stop for lunch.

by Aunna Jones |
Categories: fun,

Me Vs My Homeboy Saffrawnn

Saffrawnn your still a baby.
So you better stay in school.
Learn Texas Cowboys are whack as hell.
But Oklahoma Sooners ain't so kool.
So your a Jr. in high school.
Livin bright at 17.
Probably gonna end up,
writing and producing many things.
Yeah you got potential skills.
No ID or license yet.
But I been doin this for years
I've already been a vet.
See I would love to battle you.
Worse than Superman vs Batman
But we all know who the winner is,
there is no doubt about that young man.
So write what you want about my old self.
But years of experience,
make it an easy battle.
So while you think of a comeback,
I'll be herding all the cattle!