Love Poem: Guernica
Matt Daniels Avatar
Written by: Matt Daniels


April 26th, 1937,
There came a day, when some would see Heaven.
The light shine above the heads,
To resemble the sparks of the bombs threads.

Mothers with their children,
Running out of the burning building.
German and Irish planes,
Flying above the open flames.

It was during the Spanish Civil War,
That lit the devils door.
Running through the ashes,
As the corps of the giving cattle crashes.

All you could do was watch,
If you weren't smart enough to launch.
Families refusing to leave their home,
Their love deepened as shown.

April 26, 1937,
Was when God got most up in heaven. 

Art Work: Guernica
Artist: Pablo Picasso

Poem by: Cali Mitchell