Love Poem: Me Vs My Homeboy Saffrawnn
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Written by: Aunna Jones

Me Vs My Homeboy Saffrawnn

Saffrawnn your still a baby.
So you better stay in school.
Learn Texas Cowboys are whack as hell.
But Oklahoma Sooners ain't so kool.
So your a Jr. in high school.
Livin bright at 17.
Probably gonna end up,
writing and producing many things.
Yeah you got potential skills.
No ID or license yet.
But I been doin this for years
I've already been a vet.
See I would love to battle you.
Worse than Superman vs Batman
But we all know who the winner is,
there is no doubt about that young man.
So write what you want about my old self.
But years of experience,
make it an easy battle.
So while you think of a comeback,
I'll be herding all the cattle!