Love Poem: The Priceless Gift
Betty Harp Butler Avatar
Written by: Betty Harp Butler

The Priceless Gift

When all the gifts have been opened,
And all the paper and ribbons thrown away...
When all the presents are divided into stacks,
And the dinner stored for another day.
A moment of truth arrives,
And we question “why all the bother and fuss?
Was it really worth it? All the tinsel and the muss?”

And then, we remember the reason for it all.
Jesus…who came down to Earth in a lowly cattle stall.
That day that God moved Heaven and Earth,
And Angels sang across the sky.
He gave that first Christmas gift
With that precious baby’s cry.
Yes, it is worth it, ALL the bother and all the fuss,
Reminding us of God’s love, and His priceless gift to us.