Love Poems About Abandonment or Abandonment Love Poems
by Audrey Haick |
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All That I Am

I love him with all that I am ...
Beyond the noise and hype of this world
Beyond the ebb and flow of ocean tides
Beyond all the hurt and pain we have borne
Beyond the dereliction and abuse
Beyond the bias and disrespect
Beyond the abandonment 
The disparagement, the scorn
I honor him, his beautiful spirit, and his heart
And ‘though tomorrow is not promised to him and me
As far as my heart does know, 
I will love him to infinity

by Alex Roberson |
Categories: absence, love, poetry, space,

Can'T Have

Didn’t anyone ever warn you not to falling in love with comets?
The ones that come around and give a few brighter nights
Never being there for more than a sliver of your life
The magical 
Seemingly dreamy ones
That can never stay with you
The ones with paths in mind that will take them far away from you
Beautiful ones 
Far beyond your reach
that leave empty space in their wake
Giving you a sense of abandonment
That will take a while to shake
Didn’t anyone ever warn you not to put yourself through that ache?”

by Adelheid Manefeldt |
Categories: conflict, confusion, love, marriage, math, relationship,

Beautiful Things

Beautiful things break
as readily as the brittlest rock
The quake rattled me;
your seismic words
unearthing the foundation
of this thing we’d built

Beautiful things shatter
like fragile china under feet
The tempest tore through me;
your rumbling thoughts
flung through the air
shrapnel slicing cartilage

Beautiful things ignite
as swift as finest kindling
The flames engulfed me;
it was your carelessness
doused in abandonment
setting our souls alight.

Beautiful things sink
like anchors of pure Osmium
And here it drowned me;
in a depth unknown
a depth I’d never thought to see
the deepest, darkest depths of me.

by Toquyen Harrell |
Categories: faith,

Your Giving All

Give with abandonment

by Tara Jennings |
Categories: introspectiondream, dream,


Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Seer
Daughter of Trina Jennings
Lover of her family, loyalty, and eternal love
Who feels the courage to love again, tenacity to try again, and faith to dream again
Who fears abandonment, loss, and the guilt of the living
Who would like to see Heaven through her Mother eyes,
	                Dream Land through her son's, and 
	                Life through her husbands heart
Resident of Dream Land, a plane of inspiration and belief

by Donald Reith |
Categories: hope, life, lost love, longing, , sweet love,


The Bitterness of Abandonment

Flows Most Forcefully in Memories

 The Hope Endures during the Longing Journey

 Leaving No Time But For The Present

 Lost For Good

The Inner Compass Fatefully Broken 

The Bond Never to Be Sealed

 Cast Out Amongst the Unforgiven Seas

Only Love 

Sweet Love

 Can Steereth You Home

by Jean Murray |
Categories: angst, confusion, heartbreak,


I was seventeen, so were you.
With the innocence of a child,
tabhair me mo chroi duit.
(I gave my heart to you.)

Starved of love 'till you came along.
Your kiss so deep, intellect so strong.
You picked me out, held me close.
Told me you loved me.

Made me feel the most
loved and cherished until,
suddenly, out of the blue,
it was no longer us....just you.

On my eighteenth, like a red hot coal,
you dropped my hand, my heart, my soul.
Abandoned me to a loveless life,
protecting my heart from even more strife.

I did not realise then depression
would be your lifelong friend.
I forgive you now that time has passed
and wish you happiness that will last.

by Bernadette Langer |
Categories: lost love, love


do not leave me
for I wear your absence--
sadly, unwillingly;

like pebbles,
pulled from the strength--
of mountains.

like summer heat, trapped
within the cooling winds of fall--
left shivering;

and each hour is filled--
with emptiness;

while every moment--
presses painfully
against the darkened bruise--

of your abandonment...

by Mel Brake |
Categories: betrayal, faith, family, lost, lost love, mother, son,

Two Sons

A mother had two sons
Their names could have been Cain and Abel
Cain did not kill Abel 
But Cain did destroys the hopes and dreams of her other children

A mother had two sons
Their names could have been Esau and Jacob
Esau did not assume any interests or responsibilities for his younger brothers and sisters 
But instead Esau abandoned his family like his father before him
And sailed around the world in abandonment 

A mother had two sons
Their names could have been Joseph and his older brother
Once a wise woman said to their mother that one day the younger son will 
grow tall and solid like an Oak tree and he provide a home for you and the 
other children

by Laura Dee |
Categories: absence, i love you, i miss you, longing, pain,

Even Spread

Make believe insanity runs deep in my lonely bones
The ones that crave the tranquil decay of every day I spent alone
To calmly waste away from a place without a home
The life I lived was never mine, forever here I roam

So rip my heart into pieces and see what it leaves
Give me a little space so I can properly grieve
I'm trying not to hide the abandonment I've felt before
I'm trying just to shed all of the insecurities I wore

I used to live my life in quiet desperation
Now i'm starting to see the fights I'll never win
Under my melancholy tone lies a glimmer of sunshine
A ray of light from deep within to end the days where they begin

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: love,

Second Chance In Love

Second Chance In Love

Candlelight fluttered
Romance ended forever 
Broking the amorous vows

Destinies took paths
Plowed with the indifference
Sowed with deep buried hatred

Starting a new tale
Risking a broken heart love
"Unfearing abandonment"

Ninth Place 
For Any Poem Written In July 2016
Sponsored by Laura Loo

by Kayla Swender |
Categories: people

Bio of Kayla.

Mommy, Daughter, Sister, Lover.
Sister of Tiffany, Michael, Bethany, and Austin.
Lover of Takota, Jerry, and my Mommy.
Who feels Love, pain, and loneliness.
Who fears rejection, abandonment, and loss.
Who would like to see the future, the past, and the present.
Resident of Norman, Oklahoma.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: betrayal, deep, future, god, heart, sin, slavery,

Honesty Separates the Wheat From Chaff

Snake oil does not cure the curse when it enters the blood
Two blind eyes have turned face inside they burn out of focus
Cold as ice cutting to the core nightshades has twisted the soul
love your enemies as they suffer from hate
it is time to bury the hatchet in words
When humans take away certain values we are left with monsters
Removing peace and justice that which dictates against the truth
Leaving this world to its vices instruct the ignorant
do right by God as we move forward getting closer to the grave
This personal death and abandonment has created in many
an individual fear in the shame one feels
is within that being judged by their own sins

by Diana Bosa |
Categories: absence, birth, creation, lost love, love, mythology, self,

My Design

Once, my birth was simple:
you made me up unwillingly;
I leaped from your forehead like
Athena did from Zeus'.
You were more than just a father-figure
and back in those days
you found joy in my design.
From a glance of you
I learned the light,
from another: the darkness itself.
I craved to know more
but somehow, 
         you lost the will to teach me;
to finish my making real. 
And now,
in the embrace of your torturing abandonment
I became my own midwife: 
to learn my own creation, 
to be my own design.

by Judge Santiago Burdon |
Categories: abuse, death,

Here With Me You Will Stay

Here With Me 
           You Will Stay

I lie next to you in the partial darkness
Lit only by a single bulb hanging from a cable
I watch you sleep in a permanent slumber
Your body cold with a rigid disdain
No raging rhythm in your heart of cruel intention
Silenced are the words 
You shouted to belittle me
Leaving you breathless 
Never to be spoken again.
Conceit reflected in your beauty
Fading with each ticking moment 
The weight of time we spent together 
measured in ounces
Never equated to a pound of love
Threats of abandonment
Leaving without regret will never to be realized
Assured by the blade of my knife 
when it slit your throat.

by Lena Marshburn |
Categories: betrayal, crush, dedication, devotion, feelings, longing, love hurts,

Little To All

Little to All

The petals of this delicate flora
Go unto thee,
As the heart betrays all sense.

This form of other claims much,
Forming a wall
Little to all

Mine fathers doth shiver,
At such foolish love
Many do find us wanting

In our youth, we sacrifice
As the eldest greet us not
Little to all

We are granted our misery
Which we go with willingly,
Alas, at crossroads, we whom part
Do so with lacking dignity.

We go with none
As we realize our folly
Great as the remains of our love
Little to some, perhaps.

Those that urge us apart,
They feel not our hearts
The foolish, abandonment of mind.
Little to us.
Great only to they.

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: adventure, allah, angel, art, beautiful, devotion, allah, love,

December My Last Moment

(31 December 2012 – 11:50PM)

On the last day of 2012 
I am indeed feeling the agony of abandonment. 
I even talked to the moon and sea about this. 
I don’t know what to do to take as nothing exist. 
Ya Allah help me to convince this someone that I never said lie
Don’t dwell on it anymore. 
Let be the understanding of love be the one to suppress hatred. 
I don’t love hatred

by Courtney Reed |
Categories: angst, dark, depression, introspection,

Rolls November 9th 2012

Rolls of underappreciated, 
unwanted globs of wasted space lies beneath

Rolls of ugliness,
nostalgic fluff swimming underneath these

Rolls of hate,
dignity left to die under all these

More to love, more to hate
Even more to underappreciate
Lie to my face, kick my backside
Take from me until I can’t hide

by Julian Joseph |
Categories: lost love

We All Feel Lonely Like Night

Countertops like held hands
support slowly separated spaces
pulling away from unkept passion
your lips speak loves last grace

Has desire ever been so elusive?
she dances in my fireplace
she drips from my shower-head
only to fall into ashes
and retreat from my lonesome bed

her touch like moments past 
is color fading from my face
what once was there is gone
moving farther
from the home i must dwell

Decorations cover
the hole in my wall
filled with hollow expectations
the furniture like pressed bodies
warms icy abandonment
my floor is our humanity
and my countertops
our innocent attempt at nirvana

by Iris E. S-Lewis |
Categories: absence, blessing, celebration, childhood, courage, desire, growing up,

Mixed Emotions


Mother deserved every bit of my love
She was my first love
She was the love of my teenage years.

I lived without the love I loved
High atop the stairs I sat, waiting
Torn between poverty and pseudo power.

Did you not know love grows?
A single flower blooms on pavement
A helpless pup found in abandonment
A cornered bird cared for
Deeply buried love can be unearth.

The pain of going astray
Blinding fog of delay
Who cared I drifted?
Looking for love in wrong places, when
All along it brewed within.


by Christopher Flaherty |
Categories: lost love, slam,

Jl Giant Poet U Hoo

The Giant's

Of the wonder class
With outstretched looking ears
And pierced whistleblowers lips

Never had a mother
To sew their name into
Their favorite clothes
Or a home with a wardrobe to hang them in

They were instead chosen to become
The dead poet's and tortured artist's
We recite today

By speaker's corner

At wakes and funerals
On cold and grey rainy days
Outside derelict building's
Who's roofs were lost to german bombs

We as children dared each other not to go into 

For fear of stirring up a hornets nest

Of represed abandonment feelings

Lest best we be remembered forgotten

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, angst, anxiety, emotions, feelings, hurt, image,

Hidden From Reality

Within the shadow of a broken heart, love lingers, hidden from reality. For from this depressive ebony realm, nothing, not even its light, can escape. But love cannot take root or ever bloom within the shadow of a broken heart. And the dreams cut adrift all disappear, for love's blind, beyond the moment of now. Oceans of tears rise like a sobbing tide, rushing to drown happiness forever. Within the shadow of a broken heart, a minefield of emotions lay in wait. Wounds bandaged with abandonment feelings, fester in the intolerable dark. Yet, hope glints like a fragmented mirror, within the shadow of a broken heart.

by Thuwaibah Bayat |
Categories: lost love, remember,

Losing a Loved One

Leaving feelings of rejection and abandonment
Along with the sorrow and pain
With effects that linger 
For many years

Yet in the midst of our sorrow we continue 
To love them in their absence
They are not dead who
Live in lives they leave behind

In those whom they have blessed,
They live a life again
And shall live through
The year’s eternal life

They shall grow each day
more beautiful
As time declares their good,
forgets the rest,
and proves their immortality

we stand alone but
to remain strong
our only solution
Is prayer

by Dennis Bett |
Categories: lost love

Filling the Vacuum

With tears on her face she came to me
being a gentle man I am
I gave her my shoulder and she felt relieved
She cried not because she was bereaved
But emptiness caused by the abandonment

Her husband a rich man he is
But his riches caused more pain than joy
For such a beautiful daughter of the land
I gave her everything from time to love
And she reciprocated it big time

Should I feel guilty or joy
Guilty because she someone’s
Or joyful because she is no longer sad and I am happy too
I am just feeling the vacuum created 
And you know what they say it must be filled.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: friendship, love,

And I Do-

you've been here… this place of abandonment no time to think about who they think you are, when you should wonder who you can be you redeem your poor intentions with the aura of your essence, free yourself from the chains you fought so hard to defeat you ask why I care- question how a love can run so deep it dwells in the soul of my soul; the core of my heart beats... for none but you the depths of self-assurance are unstoppable you are UNSTOPPABLE my wholehearted friend who needs more love than most- and I do... ~love you~ 2.20.20