Love Poem: Beautiful Things
Adelheid  Manefeldt Avatar
Written by: Adelheid Manefeldt

Beautiful Things

Beautiful things break
as readily as the brittlest rock
The quake rattled me;
your seismic words
unearthing the foundation
of this thing we’d built

Beautiful things shatter
like fragile china under feet
The tempest tore through me;
your rumbling thoughts
flung through the air
shrapnel slicing cartilage

Beautiful things ignite
as swift as finest kindling
The flames engulfed me;
it was your carelessness
doused in abandonment
setting our souls alight.

Beautiful things sink
like anchors of pure Osmium
And here it drowned me;
in a depth unknown
a depth I’d never thought to see
the deepest, darkest depths of me.