Love Poem: Abandonment
Jean Murray Avatar
Written by: Jean Murray


I was seventeen, so were you.
With the innocence of a child,
tabhair me mo chroi duit.
(I gave my heart to you.)

Starved of love 'till you came along.
Your kiss so deep, intellect so strong.
You picked me out, held me close.
Told me you loved me.

Made me feel the most
loved and cherished until,
suddenly, out of the blue,
it was no longer us....just you.

On my eighteenth, like a red hot coal,
you dropped my hand, my heart, my soul.
Abandoned me to a loveless life,
protecting my heart from even more strife.

I did not realise then depression
would be your lifelong friend.
I forgive you now that time has passed
and wish you happiness that will last.