Love Poem: Little To All
Lena Marshburn Avatar
Written by: Lena Marshburn

Little To All

Little to All

The petals of this delicate flora
Go unto thee,
As the heart betrays all sense.

This form of other claims much,
Forming a wall
Little to all

Mine fathers doth shiver,
At such foolish love
Many do find us wanting

In our youth, we sacrifice
As the eldest greet us not
Little to all

We are granted our misery
Which we go with willingly,
Alas, at crossroads, we whom part
Do so with lacking dignity.

We go with none
As we realize our folly
Great as the remains of our love
Little to some, perhaps.

Those that urge us apart,
They feel not our hearts
The foolish, abandonment of mind.
Little to us.
Great only to they.