Love Poems About Superior or Superior Love Poems
by Rama Balasubramanian |
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I Am a Star In the Sky

I am a unique creation of God
crafted with same love as others
for a unique purpose
I am no less, no more than others 
I am equal to all

I have no right to feel inferior
for the great lord created me
nor have I the right to feel superior
for everyone was created by him

I know I am here in this mortal world
for short time 

I am a star in the sky
living amidst other stars of same kind
vibrating in bliss and inner joy
I feel no sorrow no pain 
I am happily dancing and smiling

I am sure one day I will leave this mortal world 
and reach my true abode in the Milky way.

Date: 11/8/2020

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: allegory, allusion, art, poetry, science, symbolism, writing,

Every Poem An Invention

Every poem
An invention
Some would say:
When a romantic
Creates a breathing rose
In the mind
For the heart of another
A far superior find
Than all
Man’s Relativities—

Let Einstein rest
Of his atoms
And Galileo
Further divest
In some far
Distant sky,
Too far off
For modern
Perhaps now,
As I,
Would also decry:
That the artist, alone,
Sees and lives,
A true icon,
Beyond the grave—
A slave not to science,
But to love and beauty;
With far more inquisitive duty,
That of revealing
The Universe
The soul of it

by Cona Adams |
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A Slight Improvement

Genesis 1:27 
God creates male and female

A Slight Improvement

All it took was one rib,
Adam wouldn’t miss it.
Look what he gained.

At first sight, he uttered
an ancient word the equivalent 
of the modern, “Wow!”

From the best use of a rib
of all time, came a creature
capable of charm, seduction,
procreation, gentleness, envy,
love, virtue, loyalty, jealousy,
deceit, and an affinity for salt.

Though she came from man,
she seeks always to best him,
and considers herself superior
in every way. After all, she has
that extra rib.

First Appeared in Galaxy of Verse.

by Anna Hopper |
Categories: change, image, memory, remember, time,


A piece of the past
A moment frozen in time
Another blessing has perished
Another mountain to climb

How lucky are we
We can touch with our skin
A love that is lost
That has come to an end

A ticket to our former selves
A free tour through history
Answer to our question
A vision for our ministry 

Nothing more superior
Not a jewel that could surpass
Proof of times gone by
Another moment couldn't last

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: devotion, life, lost love, love, sad, me, love, me,

Delusions of Love

I gave my heart, my spirit, my soul
Yet you took my essence but the emotions you returned with false and cold
My love for you was honest and true
Yet there one thing you couldn't give me was you
Blinded by this need in me for that bond
Delusions of a love that would go on and on
And so my heart is left with loneliness and despair
Yet you don't care
The wisdom I learned it in a painful process
I still search for the answer to this dilemma that makes no sense
I place this on a higher plane
Seeking the answer from a Superior Being
I ask just why had it happened to me

by Matt Starking |
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Beauty, beauty 
I love beauty 
For beauty is cleanliness 
And cleanliness is godliness 
Beauty is healthiness 
It is satisfaction 
So take action 
Love beauty 
For this is reality 
Beauty is the light 
Brightening your corner 
She is superior 
Beauty is forever 
She looks too good 
Tasty like a good food 
There goes beauty 
Every one want beauty 
Beauty here, beauty there 
Beauty, beauty every where

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: animal, dog,


She watched him hide his pretty wares,
When the Easter Bunny came.
And as the children ran in pairs,
She joined into the game.

Their short legs were longer than
The short ones that she wore.
For each egg going in their pans,
She found a dozen more.

We tried to take them from her and
She'd look at us and grin.
Her mouth was faster than our hands
As another egg went in.

I've had dogs that were more faithful
And superior in their size,
But at being glad and gleeful,
Happy Muffin won the prize.

Grandchildren love to hear the story
Of little Muffin and the eggs
And of how God took her up to Glory 
On her little Dachshund legs.

by Kiara Lowdog |
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Is that what you think you are?
Because your skin is lighter?
Because your hair is shorter?
Because your life is better?
Because your voice is deeper?
I thought you knew
Knew about racism
Knew about sexism
Knew about how it is wrong
Knew how we all are the same inside
Since you are SUPERIOR,
We have no equality to you
Bow to the superior

by Eric Boddie |
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Second Tribute

"Destroyed By a Poet"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Precious are the words 
Only your heart can serve 
Every Beautiful thought 
Tends to leave us caught 
Deeply in the mix 
Entertaining the thought of getting a fix 
Strong enough to lift 
The heart in us all, providing a gift 
Relative to what we most desire 
One inspiration that takes us so much higher 
Your eyes touch this when confronted by the mirror 
Every part of you is somehow superior 
Rare, Loveable, all things of that such 
And the fact of knowing you, to this poet means so much

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: military,

A Sailor

crisp white uniform
like pure white ocean foam
his eyes navy blue
for he winked at the sea
his shoes polished squid-ink black
with superior shine
his medals proudly gleam
the Captain grins, wants to salute him
eagerly waits his turn
his fellow seaman — some like him
others hold the jealousy of Davy Jones Locker
but the women love him in droves
some with ulterior motives just to be a Navy wife
swooping necklines, netted stockings
long blond silky hair accost his senses
but on the long watches he serves her
the one he loves best — his country
so he trims his neckline, sharpens
the lines of his tailored pants
and protects the deck
day and night

by Louis Borgo |
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So as legend has it it was these set of prophecys
With Superior Intelligence that help the creation of
The Egyptian pyramid  they knew the coming of the rise
Of Jesus and was apart of the Atlantic superior Intelligence
This Prophecy was rumor to created the bible. And there soul
recycle when the earth is in a new life cycle something like the
Brotherhood of Light which was rumor to be similar to
the DC Guardian Of The Universal what rumor could be of fact!

by Gary Thomas |
Categories: dark, perspective,

Oso, the One-Eyed Wino

Oso the One-eyed Wino

By Gary L Thomas

...has a doubly unique perspective on this
Flat world. The depth that passes as distance
From an objective makes him subject to
Prevarications, half-truths and subtle innuendos
And makes him the lone wolf of the bear-den.
Burdened with this yoke and joke of butts his one
Eye tears more than any other.
Being a-lone visionary and trusting not
The paths that other men may take
He beats a path to the burning bush
To gain the insight of all the ages and
Finds that kisses really are a better fate than wisdom
And a bear's-hug is superior to brilliance of thought...
And beast-sex is better than the honey-laced love of Poets.

by Matt Starking |
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Be Real With Me

Be real with me 
Who will be real with me 
She is a false pretender 
Says she can't remember 
The things we did together 
Such a big lire 
She can't be real with me 
Be real with me 
My life is more than my age 
So you can't put me in a cage 
Being stronger and richer 
Do not mean i am smaller 
Cherish love than power 
For love is 
Superior and greater 
Although i am poor 
But you can 
Help me live better 
Do not make me inferior 
Be real with me 
For that is forever

by Hannington Mumo |
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Suzie's Love

As I solicitously walk the busy streets of the densely peopled city,
My eyes dart in a restless fashion as I survey the urban surrounds –
Shaking the hands of the occasional acquaintance or classmate,
Maybe some neighbor from home in the city to do official rounds.

Yet my mind cannot be occupied by the buzzing activity all around.
I can’t help thinking of Suzie and the graces she brings to my arid heart,
The smile she has brought to this solemn face that had dismissed love
As a cheap frivolity, and sought refuge in the satisfactions of superior art.

Suzie’s honest love has ruled my thoughts and chained my mind
To the rare sweet memories that so tightly tie, and so blindly bind.

by Chittaranjan Dey |
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Will You Marry Me

You know you'll always have my heart, And I have your's, you are my life. My special someone, give me the chance 'Will you marry me' ? When I close my eye's before I sleep, I'd swear that you were here, You have such a sweet face so nice But you are much more than this. God placed you for me on this earth, The only superior behind all the creation, Like I've spoken to God and He grants Because fulfills all my expectations. The symptoms which are very common Our love begins with heartache and scorn. I really like you, I hope that you like me Give me your hand, do me this honor "Will you marry me" ?

by Jack Ellison |
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Both Cheeks

Oh great superior being, please allow me to speak I wish to plant a kiss on your bum, that would leave me quite weak I bow to you, your eminence Excuse my fecklessness Sure love to plant a big wet smacker on both of your lovely cheeks

by Katherine Braithwaite |
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All I Ask Is That You Polish Me

I am a kettle made of stainless steel
I am a saint,  for tea  is brewed to heal
And , unlike kettles on an old  coal fire,
I am not dirty nor do I perspire.

My mirrored sides reflect you as you cook.
Look at me and read me like a book
I’m  full of love and hotter than a man
Oh, dear lady, love me while you can.

Superior mother,  yet inhuman  I;
Even electric kettles sometimes lie.
I shall never punish you, my dear
For perfect love like mine shall wield no fear.

All I ask is that you polish me.
For, in between your hands, I  yearn to be.

by Tanya Edwards |
Categories: animals


Why hunt, why greed
Oh superior, human being?
My heart ‘s so sore.
Those eyes, …that pain,
Dying a slow death for human gain.
Such love, such hope, to animals in need
Silverbacks, bears, elephants and more.
What are we doing?
Does anyone really score?

Killing the circle of life,
Is killing the need of our breed.
Let’s stop the madness,
Let’s take control
Let’s wipe out the need
For corruptible, man-enforced ,  greed.
Our souls are joined,
That’s no mistake,
We need to do a double-take.

by Barbara Washington |
Categories: lost love,

Devoured By the Beast

Behind every great man is a great woman

behind every great man is a great woman
i'm a minute woman who only wanted
to make her man superior
but, fell short of his respect and love
never good enough to be his great woman

the unimportant one and the noble one
is incompatible, nothing glorious 
became of this two becoming as one
severed, never bonding in marriage
as expected

i'm no longer in denial
believing, hoping, having faith
that this  marriage will some how
be a real marriage where love, respect,
and honor prevail

i give my all, but my all is never enough
its just a new beginning to a never ending end

by Emmanuel M. Hitilasha |
Categories: africa, black african american, deep, fire, journey, light, voice,

I'M Gonna Eat Your Brain

I’m the one you should trust
I’m your fire                                                                                                                                          I’m certain
I’m the one who closing blues of the night
Superior starts to flash
Your muscle owes them to me
I owe myself to your wellbeing                                                                                                                    I’m your driving force
Make love with me

by John Freeman |
Categories: brother, love

"the Nano Uno"

Superior energy in UFO's
Paranormal informal, Friends or Foes?
  Flying dam well where they please
  Having humans on their knees 
No power resists the Nano Unos

Note: Nano Uno are angelic words, meaning “Power of The Source!” AGAPE 2  [aa g? 
pay]      Smile! And LOL!

by Andrey Fisht |
Categories: imagination

One Legend.

She was the proud 
Her beauty was so 
Her eyes of fire 
Be ready to this 
She wasnt just a 
simple snake,
Her name was a 
Nobody could her 
rest brake,
She was a pure 
A man was 
perfect warrior,
The gods gave him 
their love,
And he became 
And he began to 
A man and a cobra 
Faced to the 
amber eyes,
And that fight 
was as treasure
For those who 
couldn't die.
A man threw his 
She turned around 
And than she 
threw on him,
And they both 
were grisly. 
They say that 
their spirits
Visit this beautiful 
And they had 
painted image
Of pure natures 

by Rhea Daniel Dear |
Categories: black african american, family, mother, son, child, love,

Yesterday Born

My man child born yesterday
New and peeling purple
With black and brown
Splotches of color.

Your father love you.
Your mother love you.
But still you have yourself.
You must love yourself.

My man child born yesterday
Still soft and wrinkled
With bright black eyes
That have pools inside.

You are my charge.
Yet my superior.
We gave you life
But are Beholden.

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: emotions, love,

Shy Lover

Despite the flamboyance ,defects and class
I dream of cruising with you in the sky
This passion is like fresh wine in a glass.

Yet, I`ve no courage to take you sky high
My heart beats so fast when you are around
Though this present state is making me shy .

My love is real and true emotions abound
This joblessness makes me look inferior
Yet,each time I stay close my head spins round.

Height and physique make me look superior. 

Contest:"Terza Rima about anything" sponsored by Alfred Vassalo

by Jack Ellison |
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Both Cheeks

Oh great superior being, please allow me to speak I wish to plant a kiss on your bum, that would leave me quite weak I bow to you, your eminence Excuse my fecklessness Sure love to plant a big wet smacker on both of your lovely cheeks