Love Poem: A Sailor
Kim Rodrigues Avatar
Written by: Kim Rodrigues

A Sailor

crisp white uniform
like pure white ocean foam
his eyes navy blue
for he winked at the sea
his shoes polished squid-ink black
with superior shine
his medals proudly gleam
the Captain grins, wants to salute him
eagerly waits his turn
his fellow seaman — some like him
others hold the jealousy of Davy Jones Locker
but the women love him in droves
some with ulterior motives just to be a Navy wife
swooping necklines, netted stockings
long blond silky hair accost his senses
but on the long watches he serves her
the one he loves best — his country
so he trims his neckline, sharpens
the lines of his tailored pants
and protects the deck
day and night