Love Poem: Suzie's Love
Hannington Mumo Avatar
Written by: Hannington Mumo

Suzie's Love

As I solicitously walk the busy streets of the densely peopled city,
My eyes dart in a restless fashion as I survey the urban surrounds –
Shaking the hands of the occasional acquaintance or classmate,
Maybe some neighbor from home in the city to do official rounds.

Yet my mind cannot be occupied by the buzzing activity all around.
I can’t help thinking of Suzie and the graces she brings to my arid heart,
The smile she has brought to this solemn face that had dismissed love
As a cheap frivolity, and sought refuge in the satisfactions of superior art.

Suzie’s honest love has ruled my thoughts and chained my mind
To the rare sweet memories that so tightly tie, and so blindly bind.