Love Poems About Suffocate or Suffocate Love Poems
by Chamonique Knowles |
Categories: life, love

A Glimpse Into a Girls Heart

if you took the time
to look into a girls heart
you'd find friends and family 
nestled permanently in every corner
you'd find secrets and lies
locked in cages and hidden deep within
you'd drown in the love 
and suffocate in the pain
you'd see the poor stitching 
holding together the wounds
and watch the memorable moments 
playing on repeat
you'd see all the tear stains
etched into its core
you'd witness everything she had to withstand
and how much strength it took to pull through
who was always there to lend a hand
or a shoulder
you'd realize what made her who she is
and what made her strong
especially when things went wrong

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: life, nostalgia, sad, social

Buried Secrets

where the seagull dies
stringless origami cries
loneliness of soul

koi fish suffocate
colors fade in Bonsai trees
island in distress

words not understood
shadows grin tricks on rice walls
tsunamis in eyes

geisha of the world
love is lost in illusions
freedom is her dream

men with cold fingers
whither blossom of her spring
harakiri end

in the seagull's grave
origami secrets kept
chicks learn how to fly

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, passion, beautiful, beautiful, body,

Sublime Exposure

The soul of a gorgeous woman Portrayed by the sublime Facets of her beautiful eyes Perfect body does climb Her body overheats in a flash Colors express their own Delight opens her exposure Displays every light shown She has lost her figure to lust Eyes scope out her being A form of love is before me No stitch of want leaving From behind there is much grandeur Leaking beautiful thoughts Colors bleed from her every pore Nothing that is store bought She exudes this scene of passion Heat enveloped around I suffocate within her form She has surely been found
Russell Sivey A form of Poulter’s Measure

by Sandra Adams |
Categories: i miss you, lost love,

My Home

there's an ardent desire
burnt upon the umbrage
of my mind's deepest thoughts

on fields of green
i sit lost in the strokes
of time's hands
yearning to feel you
like a whisper of wind
as it twirls my hair
in its gentle breath

i long to strip
layers of life
that bind my heart
in the torment
that moans
through the valley
in heavy sighs

i want to gambol
like fragrant petals
in summer's warm caress
not suffocate on smokey breaths
in winter's colorless drab

i suspire beneath mist of dusk
laden upon my skin
and suffice in the bitterness
of your absence
through the traces
etched upon my face
as the years pass by
without you

August 13, 2019

by Larry Belt |
Categories: sad

Toxic Love

The air I breathe is poison
Filled, with toxic love
With each breath I take, I suffocate
For it's you, I'm thinking of

I'm dying from the inside out
A little more each day
An infection, of your rejection
And it will not go away

A fatal disease, without a cure
My heart will turn to stone
It won't be long, before I'm gone
I feel so all alone

My soul cries out in agony
The pain, too much to bear
Growing fast, this cancerous past
A coma, of despair

I die a slow and painful death
Drowning in my tears
A broken heart, that's torn apart
Withers. and disappears

by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: hope, life, lost love, recovery from..., sad, socialme, me,


hate me, despise me
cut me off, hide me
put me in a corner to punish me
mentally torture me
yell, shout or scream at me
tear share or scare me
hurt me, nor squeeze me
taunt, tease and thump me
shove, crush, or bruise me
push, pull or pummel me
break me or blind me
abuse me, or bleed me
rape me, suffocate me
murder me, lose me

by Brian Strand |
Categories: life, lost love, love

Too Often

will suffocate 

by Morgan Tate |
Categories: conflict, confusion, courage, cry, dark, depression, feelings, grief, growth, hate, heartbroken, how i feel, identity, introspection, loneliness, lost love, me, miss you, missing, missing you, sad, sad love, write, writing,

Breathe, Suffocate

velvet tears slip down my cheek.

a gentle cry.

and the wet drops seep in the corners of my mouth


my lungs are full of my own salty, crystalline tears,

bringing buoyancy to boats that sail inside my veins.

as a rule, I try not to cry.

if a single tear is shed, who is to say that another will not follow?

compelling the rest to join

until I’ve immersed myself in the sea I’ve incepted,

and soon

all I see are the opalescent peaks of water colliding with my skin.

by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: loneliness, lost,

A Modern Love Story

In scratchy swales emitting Clorox gas,
Matador houseflies cross paralyzed eyes;
A kaleidoscope scene where jagged glass
Cracks beneath footsteps of love’s promised lies;

Forgotten by choice through hell-flickered sight,
Confusion screams at a dead mobile phone,
Gripping slick sanity ever so tight,
Un-stabled by speaking to Nothing’s tone.

Tormentors nearby prepare their escape,
Entrusting blindness to suffocate truth;
Black swans are they, drinkin’ ‘shine to undrape
Wounds nearly healed from a vi’lated youth –

A normal day in an abnormal cave,
Where hatred rules whipping peace claimed its slave.

by Dawruin Petrel |
Categories: addiction, anger, anxiety, crazy, hate, heart,


My heart throbs
my heart throbs
through my chest
yells, yells, yells
Why does it throbs?
Love, why does it?
It's scary
Tomb tomb tomb,
vehement, frenetic, agitated,
Tomb tomb tomb,
beats piercing my chest.
Stabs, stabs, stabs
impudent strumpet stab me
I'm eager for being stabbed.
Reaches my neck
hammers my ears
chokes my throat
turn it off, turn it off, turn it off
Suffocate, drown it, strangle it
make it bleed, bleed out
Turn it to marble, dry marble.

by Nasilele Mubyana |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lovelove, me,

I Am Not

I’m not blind 
I just don’t want to see the world outside your heart’s barriers
I’m not afraid 
I just don’t want to have to face life’s harsh full ups and downs 
I’m not crazy
Im just in love wit a man hu knws how to love me ryt
Im not running 
Im just movin into a better place; into ur heart
Im not weird
They just don’t understand me like you do
In all my years of life 
Ive never met a man to express himself the way you do
And now you’ve got my hearts equation
Tuned into ur diraction
Surrendered to ur objection
Im loving u lyk I love my oxygen
So dnt cut the chord on us or I’ll suffocate

by Jodie Williams |
Categories: goodbye, lost love, heart, heart,

Coal Seeds

I buried my heart today
I stood beside the mound of earth
I'd tirelessly dug away
I don't think I dug deep enough
So I dig a deeper grave

So there my heart will lie
Motionless, consumed with hurt
Loaded with the tears I'd cried
Now suppressed with fresh-dug dirt
Not even worth a last goodbye

How deep it lays, can't be measured
Compacted into Earth's tenebrous core
To suffocate beneath the pressure
Perhaps becoming useful once more
Coals will be diamonds, my heart will be precious

4th March 2013

by Augusto Munoz |
Categories: love,

Thrift Shop Words

I went to the BIG
bookstore and read
poetry by every author
that has been published.
Now, I can imitate them.
I can write you poetry.
I can give you a page of
thrift shop words—words
that belonged to someone else.
Please take them.
Hold on to them.
Hold on to me.
Soon, I will suffocate
you with my own words.

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: happiness, on work and workingheart, heart,

Helping Heal Hearts and Minds

As I sit with this person I understand
It makes me want to grasp their hand
For I have been where they are now
So sad and angry,not knowing how

To start all over with a better view
A glimmer of hope,a heart that's new
"Just don't give up" I often say
"And don't let sadness get in your way"

These thoughts they have I've had them too
Goes way beyond just feeling blue
The darkest vapor to suffocate
Your soul and fill you with self-hate

This job I love is to help them see
It's not the way it has to be
As a peer counselor I help them find
A heart that's healed and a good sound mind

**for The Work You Do contest
   Sponsored by Caroline Devonshire

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: abuse, conflict, fear, loneliness, power,

Lover's Light

A frightened heart will tremble when unsealed
And eyes of fear corrupt by need's desires
To suffocate a heart, to never yield
A pause,  if tendered gift not one of fire
This judgment caused by one that's insecure
To fill a darkened void by lover's light
And bask in glow from radiance still pure
Now kept in dungeon chained by heart's delight
To free this gift to soar without restraint
And flee the bonds of Earth on freedom's wings
And feel the tender breath not love's constraint
Release the fear that frightened hearts can bring

How long will lovers live with binding chains?
And trapped by tethered fear love disdains

by Charlotte Jordan |
Categories: confusion, depression, devotion, forgiveness, lost love, love, nostalgia


My head is spinning fast,
as I am tumbling down.
Troubles are coming fast,
as I try to choke them down.
Suffocate on the distortion.
In my mind's eye, misery abides.
In my charred, beatless heart,
your words emphasize lost hope.
My fear and your faith...
undeniable friendship...
my solitaire release.

by Daniel Dixon |
Categories: lost love, love, metaphor, me,

Untitled 3

Murderer of my dreams,
how you suffocate them
like newborn babies,
claiming they were born wrong:
an inbuilt cancer,
an innate illness.

I can't help but sit beside
their little graves
and peek into
their open coffins,
entranced by their empty insides;
Marry me or bury me with them.

by Lynn Dolly |
Categories: heartbreak,

Moments Like This

Some moments  I can't breath
Love is so strong
Makes the rest of me weak
Can't see you
Can't smell you
Can't hear you,
Can't hug you
But do I really want to?
Seconds I miss you consume me
Logic enters and pain is ceased
I remember why it is the way it is
I'd rather suffer heartache
Than allow you to suffocate me.

by Michael Campbell |
Categories: loveme,

Who Are You

who are you? 
that you should
come into my heart
to kill me 
to suffocate me
to burn me up.
Who are you?
that you should
break up my fallow ground
penetrate my darkness
stir up my emotions.
Who are you?
that you should
fill me
burst me
surround me
with love,

by Melissa Gregg |
Categories: confusion, life, loss, lost love, love, sad,

Red Colored Water

I am made of glass
See through to my soul
Through to the cold
Where life took it’s toll

They stood here before me
Casting their stones
Scratching my surface
Please, suffocate the moans

Silently screaming
I beg for your aid
But there you stood watching
All my abilities fade

I want to blame you forever
For my spirit unsaved
Your condition of love
Was all that I craved

by Laura Dee |
Categories: beautiful,


By Laura Dee Battle
December 19, 2014

I can't breathe today
Time is running out
Airways closing in
The things that I'm without 

I can't expand this box
Claiming me, it's golden prize 
The walls are slowly closing in
Like every time an angel dies

This feeling of eternal hell
To suffocate on dying pride
Maybe this is where I begin 
To think that I was dead inside 

It's cozy now within these walls
They fit me like a worn-out glove
To rise again after the fall 
This time I'll fill my heart with love

by Melissa Gregg |
Categories: angst, confusion, devotion, life, lost love, love, sad,

All That I Craved

I am made of glass
See through to my soul
Through to the cold
Where life took it’s toll

They stood here before me
Casting their stones
Scratching my surface
Please, suffocate the moans

Silently screaming
I beg for your aid
But there you stood watching
All my abilities fade

I want to blame you forever
For my spirit unsaved
Your condition of love
Was all that I craved

by Travis Bonnell |
Categories: anxiety, depression, feelings, heartbreak, lost love, love hurts, sorrow,


Everyday I die a little more inside,
But my heart is on my sleeve,
So tears that pour from it drip,
Until I’m gasping for air, I’m drowning
As life moves forward 
Im left searching through memories
Self analyzing, criticizing, profiling
Demoralized by how I got here. 
Who was I? Who did I let ruin my life? 
Anxiety and depression I had never met
Yet somehow they became all I knew.
I’ve awaken but to what reality?
Nightmares have became real
Happiness is all but a dream. 
When I shut my eyes all I see is you.
But when they open the emptiness of the world around me closes in, I can’t breathe.

by Adedayo Michael |
Categories: love, love,

Your Love

When you said you love me
                    I believed in you.
                    When you embrace my body
                    I felt unequaled love.
                    This day my bleeds for you
                    My body search for your love
                    Which is a fountain of love.
                    My heart skips when you are away
                    I suffocate and remained breathless
                    Just because I need your love.
                    Your love is my faith
                    Your voice the music I need to hear
                    Your touch all my life need
                    I really need it
                    Because it will heal my wound.

by Courtney Dyer |
Categories: love

Web of Misery

Caught in your web of deceit once again
No wiser than before
My heart knows
Your betrayal
Yet, another lie you utter
Like cascading dominos 
Falling over one by one
Leaving scars
That never heal
Shattering the core
Of what we have together
Though we drift further apart each day
You choose to wallow in your
Never ending journey for vengeance
Playing God
In your twisted brand of justice
Your sins locked away
While I am chained at the town square
For all to see
Though we suffocate in this
Blackened abyss of misery
You choose to remain
Because that's all you know