Love Poem: Helping Heal Hearts and Minds
Deb Wilson Avatar
Written by: Deb Wilson

Helping Heal Hearts and Minds

As I sit with this person I understand
It makes me want to grasp their hand
For I have been where they are now
So sad and angry,not knowing how

To start all over with a better view
A glimmer of hope,a heart that's new
"Just don't give up" I often say
"And don't let sadness get in your way"

These thoughts they have I've had them too
Goes way beyond just feeling blue
The darkest vapor to suffocate
Your soul and fill you with self-hate

This job I love is to help them see
It's not the way it has to be
As a peer counselor I help them find
A heart that's healed and a good sound mind

**for The Work You Do contest
   Sponsored by Caroline Devonshire