Love Poem: I Am Not
Nasilele Mubyana Avatar
Written by: Nasilele Mubyana

I Am Not

I’m not blind 
I just don’t want to see the world outside your heart’s barriers
I’m not afraid 
I just don’t want to have to face life’s harsh full ups and downs 
I’m not crazy
Im just in love wit a man hu knws how to love me ryt
Im not running 
Im just movin into a better place; into ur heart
Im not weird
They just don’t understand me like you do
In all my years of life 
Ive never met a man to express himself the way you do
And now you’ve got my hearts equation
Tuned into ur diraction
Surrendered to ur objection
Im loving u lyk I love my oxygen
So dnt cut the chord on us or I’ll suffocate