Love Poems About Jellyfish or Jellyfish Love Poems
by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: lost love,

Summer Potd

Lethargic and listless
lacking all zest,
I lie on the rocks
under the blazing sun.
The calm sea kisses
the rocky shore,
but no sea breeze
breathes on me.
The salt on my back
basks and bakes
and turns an ugly red.
Nothing to it but jump
back into the cool sea,
tempting the jellyfish
to sting my feet.
But on the beach
the newly crowned queen,
the one who scorns me,
parades herself
scantily dressed,
all eyes riveted on her.
I wonder who's worse:
herself or the jellyfish!

by Michael Todd |
Categories: adventure, fish, fun, poetry, sea, silly, word play,

Sea Life

I'd love to live a sea life,
there's just so much to do.
It would never ever be boring,
in the deep deep ocean blue.

I could juggle with clownfish,
sunbathe with the rays,
take off with the pilot whales,
and go blading with skates

Blow balloons with the pufferfish,
play pool with a shark
go hunting with sea lions,
teach a dogfish to bark

I could strum with guitarfish,
play piano with tunas,
make jazz with a bass,
then go solo with groupers

And we'd all have sea-cucumber sandwiches for lunch,
and jellyfish for desert.

by Jeralynn Clark |
Categories: introspectionangel, angel,

Sea Angels

Sea Angels

I walk the ocean sands
and wade among the waves.
I see an angel in motion
dancing on the foam.

This angel swirls and dips
the tutu fans with lunge; 
Ballerinas in mid air
Or wings of glossy jell.

Fragile form yet vile
Like love you've had awhile.
Beautiful, yet stings
Jellyfish at the beach.

by Velvet Burghardt |
Categories: farewell, home, house, jobs, life, poetry, sad,


I am a drifting Jellyfish
    my hopes are none to all

I love a place and a time
    the current rips it from me

I have no home, I have no constant
    variables fill my mind

I cannot show what I love
    but really it's a given

All I want is a stable home
    no movement in my waters

The selfish Sea only sees it's self
    one day I will be gone

Beware you selfish Ocean
    my defense is my sting

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: corruption, deep, feelings, fish, heartbreak, holocaust, love hurts,

Madness Has Triggered the Pen

People are like lobsters crawling in dirt 
with brain cells less advanced than a jellyfish 
always digging in the sand without salt they would disappear 
They could not breathe the fresh air if it were poisoned by chemicals 
fresh water has a better taste unpolluted
Chocolate starfish slimy sea slugs
Silly cones, fake plastic barbies
Toxic people in toxic world
None the wiser
Modern day zombies
Yes men plugged into the machine
Greedy 1 % sharks living off the tuna only scraps to the bottom feeding mouth breathers poor bastards
Fed only bull they kindly ask
"Please sir may I have some more?"

A Liam MacDaibheid and Antonio Acosta

by Goode Guy |
Categories: image, introspection,

What They Do

a painter wants to paint you
the chef will cook for you
a writer wants to write for you
a doctor wants to cure you

a performer will entertain you
the clergy wants to save you
a counselor will explain you
a politician wants to sway you

the traitor will ruin you
a pimp, to prostitute you
a sniper wants to shoot you
a bomber will explode you

adolescence will renounce you
a bouncer wants to bounce you
a lover wants to love you
a god, to be above you

scorpions will strike you
the viper wants to bite you
a jellyfish will sting you
a songbird will sing to you

that's what they know to do

© Goode Guy 2013-05-01

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal, fun,

Turtle Mania

Leatherback, murray river, matama
Hawksbill, common musk and spiny soft shell.
Loggerhead, Atlantic green, alligator snapping
Turtles are we, in every country we dwell.

The largest sea turtle reaches eight hundred pounds.
A leatherback whose love for jellyfish abounds.
Alligator snapping is one fourth of leatherback’s weight
Uses pink fleshy flap of lower jaw for bait.

The difference in turtles fascinates me.
I can picture the loggerheads running to the sea.
No matter what country you decide to make your home
There is a turtle close by, even if it is in this poem.

by Charles Hice |
Categories: children, funny, happiness, love, mystery,


I like jellyfish a fish does not swim in my belly. 
I like them with lemon pepper and jelly. 
But when I am poor, I eat them by score, 
I catch them by fishing default. 
I dont count them at all. 
I am a merman, swimming for my mermaid, 
eating my jellyfish, I relish my fish, 
with lemon and pepper and jelly. 
And because I am poor I eat them by score, 
I catch them by hand, not while they swam. 
Relishing and swimming rhymes with 
My Mermaid she just loves Shrimpe, 
but She does not eat them up, or 
place them in dip. 
She feeds them to her strang pelican.

by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: devotion, love, , sweet love,

An Aqueous Solution

Our love had no syllables
It had no meaning nor symbols
It was a pure air bubble
Clear as a crystal ball

It diluted the oceans’ blue
It had no definition for it was true
It dissolved tears into a love potion
It moved in slow motion with utter devotion

It had no words to speak our thoughts
Its essence could not be taught
It was magic without the tricks
A beautiful dream like the matrix

Jealous doubted like jellyfish floated away 
With the grace of a sting ray
Our breath was an osmosis notion
Our sweet love, an aqueous solution

by C.W. Bryan |
Categories: forgiveness, love,

Where I'Ll Die

The hill I would die on is built of compassion. If you look closely, the soil is enriched with empathy. The blades of grass sing sweet songs of forgiveness in gentle wind. The roots are twisted coils of pleases, thank yous, I love your outfits, and warm cups of green tea on cold mornings. 
There is a tree.
It covers the landscape in a cloak of understanding. The boughs made strong by years of love and growth. Every summer their limbs sag with the weight of figs, always ripe with the first words you said to me. The first bite - juices drop down my chin in a stream of

"would you rather be a jellyfish or a tiger?"

by Sigrid Ermine |
Categories: baptism, cute love, magic, sweet love,

His Muse Is a Mirage

Bongo taut resonance
Cornerless bellydance 
Schedule of edges set adrift
Lured by translucent twirled wrists

Shimmer and shadow juxtaposition 
Ripple wavered rhythm without repetition 
Syrup never cool, pool dissolves all granules
Sip of boiled candy stories make tongues tangle

Sequel came spilled ink
Jellyfish stroke olympic 
Pink stripe whimsy lifts his spirit
Saccharine capsule snaps weak inhibit 

Swallowed by opaque pond, - agile diver 
Gulps willing her glitter silver victimising saliva
Clamped cognition, gluey strawberry chew seduce
Bobbed acidic body embalmed calm in numbing fluid

22nd June

by Valerie Tran |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, emotions, happiness, love, universe,


The concept of you and I 
happily together
is a beautifully woven paradox.

Both a blessing and a curse.
Full of conflicting ideas and loud words
that always transition back to 
soft whispers and gentle fingertips. 

Nonsensical in its entirety,
but worth the effort nonetheless.

Strong auras of admiration for each other
that float above the clouds like jellyfish,
yet the feelings of frustration always linger 
deep down. 

Forever friends and enemies,
as long as the sun shines bright,
until our bodies can no longer 
press together any closer,
and until our hands 
disconnect from each other.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: symbolism,


With happiness, I love to smile.
Excitement I show with my eyes.
This gives me such a pleasant style,
embracing life like a glittered prize.

Gleam is another name of mine.
In sunlight on water I go.
I love to caress gems divine.
With brightness I visit the snow.

I move with fireflies in night’s sky
In sea I’m friends with jellyfish.
Radiance and sparkle am I.
As fairy dust, I’ll grant a wish!

If I should take a shine to you,
feel flattered, for folks love me so.
I bring such a beautiful view
and good health too, for I am GLOW!