Love Poem: Limmerrick
Charles Hice Avatar
Written by: Charles Hice


I like jellyfish a fish does not swim in my belly. 
I like them with lemon pepper and jelly. 
But when I am poor, I eat them by score, 
I catch them by fishing default. 
I dont count them at all. 
I am a merman, swimming for my mermaid, 
eating my jellyfish, I relish my fish, 
with lemon and pepper and jelly. 
And because I am poor I eat them by score, 
I catch them by hand, not while they swam. 
Relishing and swimming rhymes with 
My Mermaid she just loves Shrimpe, 
but She does not eat them up, or 
place them in dip. 
She feeds them to her strang pelican.