Love Poem: His Muse Is a Mirage
Sigrid Ermine Avatar
Written by: Sigrid Ermine

His Muse Is a Mirage

Bongo taut resonance
Cornerless bellydance 
Schedule of edges set adrift
Lured by translucent twirled wrists

Shimmer and shadow juxtaposition 
Ripple wavered rhythm without repetition 
Syrup never cool, pool dissolves all granules
Sip of boiled candy stories make tongues tangle

Sequel came spilled ink
Jellyfish stroke olympic 
Pink stripe whimsy lifts his spirit
Saccharine capsule snaps weak inhibit 

Swallowed by opaque pond, - agile diver 
Gulps willing her glitter silver victimising saliva
Clamped cognition, gluey strawberry chew seduce
Bobbed acidic body embalmed calm in numbing fluid

22nd June