Love Poems About Hound or Hound Love Poems
by Lu Loo |
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A Happy Hound- Nursery Rhyme

Once upon a time when no one was around,
A lost puppy was born in a hole in the ground.
When he ate scraps, he made the strangest sound,
A high pitch whine that would always resound. 

He found a blanky in the streets that was profound, 
And used it to hide to avoid the pound. 
It soon became warmth when he was cold bound, 
And made him the happiest when he frowned. 

One day a girl saw him, and love did surround, 
Took him home with care; he was a happy hound!
In loneliness and sorrow, he no longer drowned,
No longer was he lost; he was finally found!


Nursery Rhyme 3 Poetry Contest
Eve Roper

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: feelings,

Two Cinquains

 The Note

Bin held the note
Written in poetic form
Love poured out upon the blank page

Written by: Sara Kendrick
March 06, 2016
Form: Cinquain

The  Bus Depot

Grey Hound
Waits for no one
A rented box contains
Smart phone, credit cards, love poem

by Kevin Clark |
Categories: lost love,

Searching For a Heart That One Day Will Be Found

Searching for a heart but none to be found

Curious you look for love to be drowned

Inquiring fir it every step of the way

Being inquisitive but your still estray

Do not despair and continue to hound

Searching for a heart that one day will be found

by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: emotions, for her,

A Snowy Heart That Flies

Skidding along the ice-covered ground
Traversing like a runaway hound
Eluding, hopping on series of mound
And lines of snowflakes over a thousand pound

Skiing from a snow peak so high
In my soul an eidetic heart that thrives
Your memory I keep alive not sigh
Your vim in me that cogently drives

With the dancing sun that shines on me not dries
Over and under frigid trees my skis and I flies
Hails and blizzards never bid you my byes
My feet on drifting snow, my heart never dies

The floating moon sends you my voice in verse
You, I adore, and pray for without haste
A boon in my life I hoist, not immerse
Up and down the snow-filled hills, my love I praise

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: funny

Split In Twain By Divorce


You can have the two kids but not the hound
And I'll need the Caddie to get around
Said she I'll take the house
You good for nothin' louse
By your **** and bull I will not be bound


love that drifts apart
like two diverging rivers
ne'er to flow as one


Their marriage made in heaven was as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar
'Til his boozing and roving eyes caused the whole affair to falter

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 5 in PDs "Divorce Club" Contest - December 2010

by Donald Meikle |
Categories: life, love, mystery,

Another Bucket Please

At the end of the rainbow’s a bucket
Brimmin’ over w’ leprechaun gold
An’ the hound that they left there t’ guard it
Is toothless and grouchy an’ old
He sleeps in the rain
To a tireless refrain
At least that is what
I’ve been told
So I’m leavin’ today
An’ I’m findin’ a way
Then expectin’ t’ say
I made glitter full endings unfold
If I get it away
I’ll be willing t’pay
For someone to care for
Me cat

by Ralph Mason |
Categories: love, fire, fire,

Painted Floor

I painted a fire, a little fire on my floor
then I sang a sweet song and made a soft sound
and the flames did grow higher, higher my hound

I jumped in the middle both feet shod flat
then I let my hair down and tore my shirt off
and the flames grew still higher, higher my hound

I called for the dove and I called for the swan
then I leapt from the fire and ran to the door
and the flames grew still higher, so much higher than my floor

I strained to escape, my sinews pulled taught
then with all of my strength I did flee the wild light
and the flames grew ever higher, as I passed out of sight

by Deborah Burch |
Categories: fear, forgiveness, lost love, love, me, me,

Your Arms Around Me

Your Arms Around Me

Put your arms around me, hold me 'till I feel safe
From the fears that hound me and hide their evil face.

Let me feel your body, so warm while holding mine,
Until I can not see the fears that steal this time.

Let me feel you breathing,in symphony with me
Releasing all the pain, that longs to be set free.

Put your arms around me, and feel the stitching start
Each beat, that's resounding, will heal this broken heart.

by~Deborah Burch©


by Darlene De Beaulieu |
Categories: cry, death, dog, remember,

A Famiy Dog Passes

Bailey is getting worse
Her illness is cancer
She is brought to the vet
We gather around the bed
Everyone pets Bailey
With tears being shed
Everyone says goodbye
While the vet doctor 
Injects the final shot
A Basset Hound so sweet
She will be missed by love ones
Such a gentle dog and quiet
She was loved by all
A dog like her will be 
Remembered always
So difficult to say good bye

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: food, love,

Java Love

I am a coffee hound to say the least.
Without my java I can be a beast.
Just love that steaming cup
that warms and picks me up.
And productivity is much increased!

written October 22nd,2011
by Deb Wilson
for contest "Pick a Beverage-Any Beverage"
sponsored by Francine Roberts

by Duane Lachance |
Categories: angst,

Beware the Beast

Women come and women go
Love is lost then it is found
Beware the beast in the shadow
Looking to prey like a hound
So much like a gigolo
Living her life all around
Smiles and winks are her ammo
She knows all the sounds
To keep the unsuspecting fellow
From entering the playground
Where he may find a new pillow
To lay next to a newfound
Beware the beast in the hallow
She will run you aground

Duane LaChance Sr. 2012

by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: dog, love, pets,

Puppy Love - Defgh

                                   fur baby
                            give me your love 


by Andrew Holt |
Categories: cute love, fun,


As new buds told old petals to forget
For whatever reasons between seasons, we met
I to take my hound for a bound in the park
You, to the zoo with your son before dark

And he, like a bee to a new-flowered tree
Saw the dog, I saw you and then you saw me
And while your begat was besmat with my pet
I asked for your name, you did same, so we met

No instance romance no ad-lib dance or report
Just a mellow hello and a smile of a sort
But our hearts with his darts, Cupid had shotten
And my hound could've drowned, and your begotten, forgotten!

by Sayeed Abubakar |
Categories: first love,

Sound of Love

Every love has its sound;
It creates and it breaks.
A foil stands like gray hound
Against it and tragedy makes.

But don't worry, a dove
sings sweet and cares no gun;
What lasts on earth but love?
It removes darkness like the Sun.

With heaven it is bound,
To reach God is its goal;
Every love has its sound;
it's the sound of winning a soul.

by Bill Doggett |
Categories: natureautumn, green, moon,

Up On the Hilltop

There is a garden where I wish to go,
Up on the ridge of Hunters Glen row.
Where peace and quite work as a team,
with various gramineae simple and green.
Up on the hilltop, where the green grass grow.

Trees of all shapes are remarkably lean,
loosing leeward leaves in falls last scene.
Brisk north winds bellow like a hound,
sorting leaves of color scattered all 'round.
Up on the hilltop, where the grass is clean.

The autumn moon gleams in this cloudless sky,
moving, weaving, screaming a soundless cry.
Shadows are dark in this moon lit alcove,
touching our plants with a message of love.
Up on the hilltop, where the green grass lie.

by Sohom Gupta |
Categories: sad,


My boss bargains by Brooklyn bridge
I find fluffed feathers in my fridge!
At night, nostalgic nooks are found,
I see the hunter, herdsman, hound.

All say it's nonsense!
But it's not.

Seldom speaking, staying silent so
Within me, the great grudge grows.
I'm not cunning, can't care, can't cure
I am lonely, can't love, lie, lure.

Sick, sad, seeking sympathy
In this monotonous mess.
Where the world wears and wan
Can't we all be friends?

by Randy Johnson |
Categories: animal, dog, pets,

My New Dog

I've got a new dog and she's pretty as she can be.
She has light brown fur and her name is Marie.
She is a very sweet dog and I'm glad that she's so tame.
She is special, that's why I gave her my mom's middle name.

She is mixed, she's part pit bull and part hound.
She is beautiful and I'm glad to have her around.
I love my new dog and she loves me.
I am very lucky to own Marie.

by Pat Adams |
Categories: break up, silly, word play,

A Break Up In Elvisville

On the JAIL HOUSE ROCK wall written in chalk
I'm not a HOUND, DOGgone it, why did you walk?

I saw her brother RETURN TO SENDER away
I was BURNING LOVE letters the very next day!

So it is VIVA LAS VEGAS when I leave town!

Sure gambling's a DEVIL IN DISGUISE, I'm no fool

with A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION about it today
and lots of money SUSPICIOUS MINDS will fade away

you know I CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE with you
Your LITTLE SISTER said it's true, in her BLUE SUEDE SHOES 

ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT, you know that I'll be there

by Darlene De Beaulieu |
Categories: dog, happy, sleep,

Janice's Basset Hound

Janice's Basset Hound
This dog is so quiet
Bella never barkseats
With her big brown 
She will stare at you
If you say a treat
She gets excited
Then eats it quickly
When she wants to 
Upon the love seat
She will stare at you
Till you notice her
Taping the cushion
She will quickly jump
Settle down -then nap
She is so content

by Ed Farolan |
Categories: religious,

A Poet's Prayer

Oh God, omnipotent thou art
Accept this poet's humble prayer
Because thou art almighty
And ever present in my life.

You are there whenI need you
And like a hound you follow me
Wherever I goest.
When I stray, you call me back.

There is no escaping from your love.
Your love is eternal and endless.
More than what infinity means.
More than everlastingness.

You are the source of inspiration 
An eternal muse that beautifies
My world, a world of limitation
I cannot grasp.

But you are there always for me 
And oftentimes I cannot see
But faithfully I come to you
For hope and inspiration too.

by Sean Cannon |
Categories: boyfriend, faith, for her, girlfriend, hope, love,

Our Love Is A: Broken Melodies, Barking Hound Dogs and Guilty Lawyers

We've hit a bump;
the melodies and notes that
resemble the feelings of our love
hang in the air broken,
and the silence looms over us
like fog in a cemetery.
It's easier to remember the
difference in all equations than
what reoccurs;
and so our hound dogs,
like our past fights
keep us up at night with eh
passing thoughts of
"should I be here?" and
"Is it worth it?"
And so we explain our case;
the lawyers inside us that
never wish to lose a fight,
all lawyers are guilty.
There never will be a time,
when two songs of
different tempos will make a
Let's start humming the same tune,
and break the broken desires.

by Josefina Costales |
Categories: angst, feelings, sad love,


You can't unhinge me from your life
I will get entrenched inside your mind
hound you in your dreams, you 'd wish
to spend your nights in waking hours
I am your nightmare encroaching your days.

I shall pursue you in the most unlikely places,
before first light blushes in the east,
before daytime starts in foggy mist
obscuring clouds floating sweet as cream
I am your shadow trailing you.

I am the smell of pines from the shore
beckoning you into a green paradise
the wind will gradually gentle, the waves become still
and if eternity is plunged in total darkness
hold out your hand - my touch will guide you.

by Mika Herold |
Categories: allegory, depression, introspection, life, love, passion, seasons,

Spring Weather

The snow falls late this year in May.
When burdened roses break in parts
I hear the hound of sadness bark
against the courage of all men.

All left and all alone I stay
to see the sundown in all hearts.
By foggy twilight feelings dark
and never can be light again.

Through empty abscond is a way.
There hunters chase with bows and darts
to kill a mocking bird - the lark
(for sunrise never comes again).

Footprints of time, called night and day,
will lead me to the nightmares mart:
The road to lonelinesses park
where hope is lost and bare all men.

by Hat Bueckert |
Categories: animal, best friend, love, pets,


This hound
She bounds around
Sniffs her snout all about
Roll through green springs and long dead things
Too far out to hear a whistle or shout
Tongue lolling to the side drooling
New smell! Follow new route
Nose to the ground
This hound

by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: inspirational, jesus, love, peace, religious,

The Hound From Heaven

Like a hound from Heaven,
The Holy Spirit seeks our heart.
Ever wooing us, always pursuing us,
Lovingly reminding us to do our part.

To turn to Jesus with our problems,
To open our lives to His love,
Surrendering everything to His will,
And seeking guidance from above.

Always, gently leading us onward
To a place Jesus has prepared.
Through circumstances arranged by Him,
We surrender all, and our soul is bared.

Only by giving up eveyrthing in life,
Can we finally win in the end.
By believing, confessing, and forsaking all,
We can know peace and freedom from sin.