Love Poem: A Happy Hound- Nursery Rhyme
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Written by: Lu Loo

A Happy Hound- Nursery Rhyme

Once upon a time when no one was around,
A lost puppy was born in a hole in the ground.
When he ate scraps, he made the strangest sound,
A high pitch whine that would always resound. 

He found a blanky in the streets that was profound, 
And used it to hide to avoid the pound. 
It soon became warmth when he was cold bound, 
And made him the happiest when he frowned. 

One day a girl saw him, and love did surround, 
Took him home with care; he was a happy hound!
In loneliness and sorrow, he no longer drowned,
No longer was he lost; he was finally found!


Nursery Rhyme 3 Poetry Contest
Eve Roper