Love Poem: A Snowy Heart That Flies
Clifford Villalon Avatar
Written by: Clifford Villalon

A Snowy Heart That Flies

Skidding along the ice-covered ground
Traversing like a runaway hound
Eluding, hopping on series of mound
And lines of snowflakes over a thousand pound

Skiing from a snow peak so high
In my soul an eidetic heart that thrives
Your memory I keep alive not sigh
Your vim in me that cogently drives

With the dancing sun that shines on me not dries
Over and under frigid trees my skis and I flies
Hails and blizzards never bid you my byes
My feet on drifting snow, my heart never dies

The floating moon sends you my voice in verse
You, I adore, and pray for without haste
A boon in my life I hoist, not immerse
Up and down the snow-filled hills, my love I praise