Love Poems About Hotels or Hotels Love Poems
by Peter Rees |
Categories: age, love, marriage,

No Worries

I’ve never played a hole in one,
that doesn’t worry me.
I’ve never sailed around the world,
its glories for to see.
I’m not a self-made millionaire,
that doesn’t worry me.
I have no need for fancy cars
or staying in chic hotels.
I have no wish to fly to Mars
or mingle with the stars.
I have no stately country pile,
that doesn’t worry me.
Our lives we’ve lived in simple style,
together you and me.
Some sixty years have come and gone
since we walked down the aisle,
and now, with nodding age, I see
that someday we must part,
but that’s not going to worry me.
It will simply break my heart.

by Myke Jones |
Categories: angst, death, devotion, faith, forgiveness, hope, nostalgia, passion, me, me,

Gospel Truth

I don't believe in the way things were.
I used to sit back and commend others for doing what I couldn't.
(it turns out, it was only what i wouldn't)

Every hand I extend in kindness is another step I long to take
And every note I sow, I swear it's because I know nothing else

Teach me shoulder-less love
Find me hope in the darkest hotels
Kill my distaste for

I won't come back home
You don't need this throne
Fill my heart, I'm forlorn
Keep me out of this haze

Grace from remorse, let's turn this into a style
I'm alone in the next room
(the devil at the alter, the coffin in the courtyard)

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: people,

She and He

She dreams of mansions; apartments he rents.
She’d love a Corvette; he drives a Chevette.
She stays in  hotels while he sleeps in tents.
She’s been to Europe; he’s never gone yet.

He works as butcher; she faints seeing blood.
He goes for beer, while she adores champagne.
He’s earth; she’s water. You’d think they’d make mud.
But they make passion again and again!

June 20, 2021
for Jack Webster's 'Workshop: Adjectives Deleted' Contest

by Cona Adams |
Categories: adventure, books,

New Air To Breathe

(Shakespearean Sonnet)

The air we breathe reflects the atmosphere,
bespeaks the people, climate, aura, smells
surrounding life wherever souls appear.
If I could choose, each day, in which hotels
to stay, my choice might be a different berth
away, to breathe anew, and taste; to view 
a life unknown till now; rejoice, unearth
new worlds, recapture youth, revive, renew.
Yet danger lurks beyond the life we see
where comfort dwells in quality of peace;
at home is safety, love, sweet liberty,
whereas a quicksand lies beyond caprice.
          In books, I roam to realms of pure delight,
          intrigued, imagination breathes the flight.

by Sierra Cowan |
Categories: life


Monopoly is like life.
There are the leaders,
Who made all the right choices.
There are those who are bankrupt,
Who made all the wrong ones.
There are the lucky ones,
Who land on  Free Parking.
There are those with a little less luck,
Who land in Jail.
There are the ones that are doomed from the start,
Who Go Directly To Jail.
There are the bankers,
Who control the money.
There are the realtors,
Who deal out the houses and hotels.
There are the ones that win,
Who don’t just enjoy the game.
There are the ones that lose,
Who love every minute of it.
So as I said before,
Monopoly is like life.

by Emily Humphreys |
Categories: faith, religionevil,

Bibles Are Only In Churches and Dressers In Hotels Anymore!

Rip the ropes to pieces,
Tear the bible to shreds?

Leave alone, dusty and unread
And soon the grip releases.

But his love never ceases.
And is held in my chest by threads.

As the numbers of evil increases,
I bleed many colors of reds.

All the loosened binding chains releases?
The hatred that spreads
With the evil things that are said.
When the line between heaven and hell creases...
The good in the world decreases.

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: dream, i love you, imagery, love, romantic, together, true love,

Would You Go With Me

Tides will ebb and they will flow
But my love for you will only grow
As steady as, as steady goes
Nothing regarding you is faux

If you went away with me
I'd plan something for every day
Most other folks would think these strange
But I'm not like them anyway

Abandoned houses, bridges too
Old apple orchards long since bloomed
Stately, still with dignity
There's beauty in a tree deplumed

I don't need fancy, posh hotels
Let me sleep beneath the stars
Time with you does not compel
The nights are young, the days are ours 

I love you lots my little dove 
We'd fit together oh so well
Sometimes the hand, sometimes the glove
Stitched perfectly, no seam could tell

by Shirley Garnettsteverson |
Categories: weddinggarden,

In the Garden of Love

In the garden of love
Paper work 
In the garden of love
Laughing out loud
The kiss
In the garden of love
Bubble bath
Deep in the garden of love

by Paul Bell |
Categories: betrayal, feelings, love,

Mr and Mrs Smith

That poignant moment when we meet
Like long-lost friends
So discreet
You look good together
Why do you need me
Is he blind
Is it me
We play the game
It’s nothing new
Hotels are full of Smiths 
Like me and you
I should move on 
You should too
You look good together
Him and you
We plan the next
Somewhere new
Mr and Mrs rendezvous
She’s sleeping now
I gaze her naked way
Thinking to myself
Turning to hide his shame
The woman with his brother's name.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, city, destiny, emotions, feelings, how i feel, imagery,

Burlap and Satin

Considered a debonair through and through I got used to the most expensive hotels. And I was catered to and pampered, that's true, oft dinning on steaks and oysters on half shells. But I fell in love with the country in you, and before I knew it, I heard wedding bells; moved to the homestead, and watched the pigs fatten, a combination of burlap and satin. (Rispetto) Mar.16, 2018

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, love, sad, song-

An Unsuccessful Lover

She tempted all her boyfriends like the nude apples
Now she mates with couple of them in big hotels!

I thought earlier she is not like a sex-worker 
So I didn’t go for enjoying sex with her!

Now she doesn’t need me anymore
So things are not at all as before!

I have wasted many years waiting for her love
Now true love is seldom found it seems like a bluff!

by Celine Rose Mariotti |
Categories: fun, light, vacation,

Good Times In Las Vegas

Good Times in Las Vegas

					It’s our favorite vacation,
					Las Vegas, land of neon lights
					Entertainment, standing ovations,
					It’s our favorite place to go,
					To see a great show
					To gamble, we love those slot machines,
					Trying to win some money,
					That’s the grand scheme!
					It’s our favorite destination,
					A galore of hotels with loads
					Of gourmet restaurants,
					An unending choice of places to shop,
					The fun just doesn’t stop,
					It’s our favorite vacation,
					We go every year,
					For Las Vegas, we do cheer!!!

					Celine Rose Mariotti