Love Poem: New Air To Breathe
Cona Adams Avatar
Written by: Cona Adams

New Air To Breathe

(Shakespearean Sonnet)

The air we breathe reflects the atmosphere,
bespeaks the people, climate, aura, smells
surrounding life wherever souls appear.
If I could choose, each day, in which hotels
to stay, my choice might be a different berth
away, to breathe anew, and taste; to view 
a life unknown till now; rejoice, unearth
new worlds, recapture youth, revive, renew.
Yet danger lurks beyond the life we see
where comfort dwells in quality of peace;
at home is safety, love, sweet liberty,
whereas a quicksand lies beyond caprice.
          In books, I roam to realms of pure delight,
          intrigued, imagination breathes the flight.