Love Poem: Would You Go With Me
Andres Luis Bigote Avatar
Written by: Andres Luis Bigote

Would You Go With Me

Tides will ebb and they will flow
But my love for you will only grow
As steady as, as steady goes
Nothing regarding you is faux

If you went away with me
I'd plan something for every day
Most other folks would think these strange
But I'm not like them anyway

Abandoned houses, bridges too
Old apple orchards long since bloomed
Stately, still with dignity
There's beauty in a tree deplumed

I don't need fancy, posh hotels
Let me sleep beneath the stars
Time with you does not compel
The nights are young, the days are ours 

I love you lots my little dove 
We'd fit together oh so well
Sometimes the hand, sometimes the glove
Stitched perfectly, no seam could tell