Love Poems About Hopping or Hopping Love Poems
by Mark Martin |
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Message In An Acrostic Contest

A nickname for night soil, that's surely no lie
  Pair upwards to double, a straight multiply
   For music we're singing a simple duet
   Use binary coding for computers, no sweat
We're even the first that's not at all odd
  With religious duality, Satan and God
   The turtle doves given by Christmas day love
     To walk without hopping, our legs total of
 Twin oxygen atoms in water or ice
Line's second word - there's no need to say twice

Entry for "message in an acrostic" contest

Note: take first letter from second word in each line - and time is ticking

14th January 2017

by Tim Smith |
Categories: journey, love, memory, missing you,

Leading Me To Sunday

Wasn't written in the scriptures you'd be found
twin bunnies hopping along side with the summer
little Ronny Johnson's sister tagging right along
stolen glances and secret kisses 
swinging together on the old tire swing
back before father called you home

That was then before painted memories
hung out on the front porch with lemon tea
refreshments sparkled a quite midnight sky
loving hands held in a most romantic way
warming hearts and projecting missed moments
waiting patiently for my Sunday to come again

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, beautiful, flower, garden, nature, poetry,

Precious Moments

When I am alone; I am not alone. No one is ever alone but, sharing solitude, with nature my soul soars. Tiny bunnies hopping in my yard and Garden in the spring; Day lilies presenting heads of orange and Parrot tulips galore. Rainbow colors sway in the Breeze and tea roses birthing buds of Scarlet, pink, yellow, mauve and white, Dot my fence with splashes of bold electric color. New house sparrows, doves, robins and Cardinals will hatch and sing; I love watching them learn to fly. They remind me of the struggle of Learning to walk; Precious moments where I enjoy bliss.

by Nicole Alexander |
Categories: children, confusion, dedication, environment, giggle, grief, lonely,

Broken and Torn

Broken and torn from days long gone
Not from neglect or anything wrong
A family often would sit and communicate
I tried to listen, most times I could relate

I loved that family that crawled on me
Having fun playing games or watch TV
Late into the evening the girls would date
Playing love songs, kissing, feeling great

Rough housing little ones jumped too hard
Finally my legs fell off, from being jarred
They tried to make me work by patching
All those cats hopping on and scratching

Finally, I gave up the ghost and lost the fight
They took me outside and said goodnight
They bought one new; but often would say
I loved the old couch; it was good in it's day

by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: emotions, for her,

A Snowy Heart That Flies

Skidding along the ice-covered ground
Traversing like a runaway hound
Eluding, hopping on series of mound
And lines of snowflakes over a thousand pound

Skiing from a snow peak so high
In my soul an eidetic heart that thrives
Your memory I keep alive not sigh
Your vim in me that cogently drives

With the dancing sun that shines on me not dries
Over and under frigid trees my skis and I flies
Hails and blizzards never bid you my byes
My feet on drifting snow, my heart never dies

The floating moon sends you my voice in verse
You, I adore, and pray for without haste
A boon in my life I hoist, not immerse
Up and down the snow-filled hills, my love I praise

by Joselito Rizaldo |
Categories: life,

Life of the Frog

Hear them rattle, a joyful song they sing,
Rejoicing in the rain's refreshing grace,
Amidst rice fields, thirst-quenching drops bring,
Four-legged dwellers welcome rain's embrace.

In the coolness of the rainy season's call,
They captivate a wanderer's delight,
Talking amidst paddies, where they stand tall,
Karr karr karr kokakok, their voices unite.

Mingling with the breeze, rural nights they fill,
Their chorus resonates, joyous and free,
Gratitude to heaven's love, they instill,
For a life that humans oft overlook and flee.

Happily hopping, leaping through time,
Seasons change, but hope remains,
Ever ready for the next rain's rhyme,
Embracing the life we often disdain.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, mirror, romance, romantic,

Always Beautiful Queen

Do you know darling 
to treat one with respect
loving most precious jewel
Through light of rainbows
one royal gem kissing fingertips
Queen fluttering lashes
flowing ruby rich 
in silent waves
straight to the golden chambers
melting chocolate sweetly your eyes 
Mead flows vintage pure 
loving until the end diamond 
In friendship joking around
hopping down of a helicopter
dressed in a frog suit 
Running over catching and kissing you
the never ending joy 
is to have the wild and free beautiful lady
dancing to a beautiful tune 
inside on the pathways of my mind

by Earl Graham |
Categories: life, love, passion, old, self, love, old, self,

Two Selves

two very old selves lived in an very old house
and on one day self one turned to self two and said
“I love you”
self two didn’t even nod its head
“did you hear me? self one then said 
“what?” asked self two now seeing self one
“I said did you hear me”
“what my dear”
I said “did you hear me” 
said self one now hopping up and down and pulling its hair
“I can’t hear you dear you shall have to speak up” said self two 
and then self one grabbed self two and speaking right into self two’s ear said
 “I love you”
“Oh that’s nice” said self two 
“I love you too”

by Davin Payne |
Categories: love, me,

The Delectable Treat of Serendipity

I tore a collared shirt hopping a gate 
and lost a button shimmying across the peak of a roof 
just so I could cuddle in privacy
oh, life, what heights to climb just to float down kindly
on clouds or surfing crowds
the things that bring together others and fill with pleasure
the very emptyness in the sense of experiencing such realities
alone, they say we die alone, but someone told me to fear not
deep thought, carried on with a walk uphill, to find a peaceful place
before the sun showed its face
oh, life, what great fall to take 
when tripping on my very own heart strings
playing a soft melody, lulling me to focus my attention
on the things that matter, beyond simply just matter

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: dance, hip hop, imagery, metaphor, word play, words,

Dancing With Words

cue words:

to ebony tuned
slicing stolen space
with sable 
circuitous undulations
to lexical intoxications
of syllabic tones
hip cupping
silent scribed screams
of euphoric meters—
hearts jazz bopping
hip hopping 
on tranquil winds
of peace and love:

words cued…

by Andrae Woolcock |
Categories: love, me, me, , cute,

An Affair With Love

Love is so lovely and tenderly sweet...
She is small and cute always seeming meek.
The way i feel about her is unexplainable
I have tried keeping her to myself but she is untameable.
She keeps hopping from me to my lover, 
She whispers in secret, she represents me undercover.
I love love and she loves me too, 
When she hears my feelings she knows its true
Love is lovely and well always be neat, 
Love is my lover and you my baby girl she tells me is sweet

by Noel Villarosa |
Categories: april, birthday, dedication, inspiration, love, romantic love, wife,

Lovely At Your Age

Lovely at Your Age 

The thought of years feels remarkably well
Like a hopscotch scheme, tossing, and hopping
In a numbered square where your aim will dwell
In careful steps, everybody’s watching

Blessed age is not too young or too old
Candles on your birthday cake tell a tale
In your age, love and care have all years told
Another rendezvous, young heart prevails 

For a moment feel free from your duties
Let me take you for a lovely dinner
Flowers and candle-lit room show beauties
For my wife, who’s lovelier than ever
Small notes that I always stick to the wall
April twenty-three is a birthday call

Birthday poem for my wife
April 23, 2018

by Marielou Pascua |
Categories: age, animal, appreciation, beautiful, best friend, care, day,

Little One the Bunny

Little One has lots of fun
She has lots of friends 
The fun never end
One time she was hopping around
She fell down
Her friends help her and bring her up
She sings high notes 
She sings low
Her friends got into an argument with her and got mad 
She got sad because they hated her singing
So she said What can I do
Make you love my singing
They said sing softly
So now they're all friends

by Felicia Jarvis |
Categories: appreciation, bible, bird, garden, hope, love, marriage,

The Lost Garden

Birds are chirping on branches
Hidden behind the foliage
Their tiny tails hitting the leaves 
Hopping around from branch to branch

Sometimes I can see their colors
Olive green and white
The wind blows and they leave
I hope they will come back soon

Watching the little birds playing
Breathing the air just born from the leaves
More meaningful than books
Written by famous professors with many titles

Holding you and kissing your cheeks
You haven’t shaved for a few days
Your spiky beard stings my lips
We are in a corner of the lost garden

by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: bird, spring,

Sylvan Beauty

Spring unveils the vibrant sylvan beauty
Lying quiescent under winter's mysterious tranquility
The honeybees, suddenly sharp with visibility
Land on peonies with an honest predictability.

The larks and jays hopping with agility
Recite ancient melodies with renewed ability
The merry robin aplomb with fertility
Flutters away, skirting unbound virility.

The verdant leaves smile with humility
Accentuating the bulwark trees dignity.
The nascent buds sway with such fragility
Filling nooks and crevices with love and sensibility.

Basking in venerable nature’s nobility
My heart knows no limits or stability.

Written on 05/07/2016

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: love, travel,

Down Under Doll

Here I am standing on my feet in North America. However, the place I would rather be is Australia. There lives a pretty little woman I adore. With each passing day, I love her just a little more. I can just picture her standing on that New South Wales shore. She's got me hopping around like a kangaroo. Thinking about her is making me blue. If I had to swim the ocean, then that's just what I will do. How much would it cost to get the plane fare? I want her so badly. I want to fly through the air. That little Aussie woman is the one I want to see. Down under, I know she's there waiting for me.

by Mia Pratt |
Categories: art, love, metaphor, patriotic,

The Topography of Your Body

When I gaze upon your body
you are a walking human embodiment
of a tropical archipelago in the sun
where the elevation of your height
and the low lying surface of your limestone skin
meet the shallow banks and blue holes 
hidden in the depths of your eyes 
while the surge of your heart and adrenaline
pounding like the ocean waves 
hopping, jumping and skipping 
across the shoreline of your chest
with your lustrous teeth 
gleaming like the sight 
of the Great Barrier Reef 
as magnificent as the day goes by

by Mark Paul Van Der Merwe |
Categories: daughter, father daughter, for her, i love you, innocence, miss you, my child,

When You Are Near

When you are near…………..
My heart breaths with a silent cheer,
Your joyous smiles and hugs are sheer,
Skipping and hopping around without fear,
My love for you and yours for me so dear,
Now all the times apart conveys the truth so clear.

by Gwen Schuetz |
Categories: appreciation, friendship love,

Easter Bunny

Easter bunny with ears tall and funny,
Hopping down the the bunny trail,

Meeting with Mrs. Bunny with the cute cottontail,
Bringing Easter baskets filled with colored eggs,

Chocolate eggs and bunnies,
For the parents and children.

The beautiful spring flowers,
Daffodils and daisies.

Memories of creating Easter baskets,
Finding the Easter treats the Easter bunny hid.

Warm spring fresh air, new clothes and presents,
A young person's delight.

Special Easter days with our parents,
Good memories always.

Author:Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by Joseph Loren Tavera |
Categories: love, nostalgia

My Eternal You

In this bright array of light
I see myself shy,
I allow my fears to fright,
still In the dark sky.

From my agony of silence
I tried to hide what’s beneath,
surrounding myself with a fence,
I gasp to catch my breath.

You are the stellar breeze,
I felt this so fast,
you’ve taken me with ease, 
I dazzle at this that it may last.

I’m hopping that you’d stay true 
for I’ve waited so long, 
I’ll never be blue, 
I know that we belong.

by Ja'Chel Wood |
Categories: life

Gota Stay Strong

lif can be hard
life cane be rough 
but you gota be tough
gota hold your head high
no matter how shy
cause waht ever goes on 
you gota stay strong

sometimes you want to screem
sometime you want to cry
but you got to belive
and you will fly
love can brake your heart
love can bring you down
but we keep serching
hopping to be found

we allhave are faults
we all have our ups and downs
but we got to stand up and put on
a smile not a frown

     stay strong!!

by Shirley Hyde |
Categories: uplifting,


Winter, what a lovely season
Moonbeames glistening thru the sun
Like winter magic in the air
Putting on a show for us to share.

Cold nights and breezy days
People going different ways
Birds pecking in the snow
Rabbits hopping to and fro.

What a beautiful  awesome sight
Snow falling, glittery and bright
Showing us the God of love
With all His wonder from above.

by Kristen Stith |
Categories: friendship, love, romance, together,

As Long As We Are Together

I love you so much and I'm afraid to let it show The happiness I feel with you just continues to grow Everything about you, i can't help but love It feels like Cupid came along and gave me a shove I'm so scared it will one day end But it should be just now ready to begin I want to spend every waking moment with you There is so many things together we could do Like taking a long walk on the beach one day And hopping on horses and galloping away Taking a hike and watch the sunset low Lay around together watching our babies grow I sware I could daydream about our future forever Even though I don't care what happens as long as wer are together

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Slurping Down Grasshopper Pie

The pure green goodness of grasshopper pie!
Tasting that mint gives me a delicious high!
Thinking of insects as I eat is my last choice.
But this recipe was penned by a humor named Joyce.

So come on marshmallows and Oreos too.
We are going to have to make this insane name do.
We all gulp it down without thinking about
The grasshoppers that would make hopping feet prints no doubt.

Grasshopper pie, I am in love with your colors so sweet. 
Bright verdant green and the Oreo black are a treat.
Your name is good too, it will help me tease my little cousin Bill.
Guess how many grasshoppers we had to kill?

by Jo Bien |
Categories: love


a thin crimson line between hope and faith
drawn with forgiveness--compassion's good Grace
spanning the miles--this strong, silver tether
firmly but gently bonds us together

what will be the final paragraph?
the saga grows thicker with each new chapter
we write the pages by a candle in the dark
holding our place with a heart-shaped bookmark

a mystery, a drama, a love story not complete
crossing t's and dotting i's to keep it all neat
hopping back and forth across the crimson line
till I am finally yours and you finally mine