Love Poem: Sylvan Beauty
Sara Chansarkar Avatar
Written by: Sara Chansarkar

Sylvan Beauty

Spring unveils the vibrant sylvan beauty
Lying quiescent under winter's mysterious tranquility
The honeybees, suddenly sharp with visibility
Land on peonies with an honest predictability.

The larks and jays hopping with agility
Recite ancient melodies with renewed ability
The merry robin aplomb with fertility
Flutters away, skirting unbound virility.

The verdant leaves smile with humility
Accentuating the bulwark trees dignity.
The nascent buds sway with such fragility
Filling nooks and crevices with love and sensibility.

Basking in venerable nature’s nobility
My heart knows no limits or stability.

Written on 05/07/2016