Love Poems About Hoot or Hoot Love Poems
by James Fraser |
Categories: hope, love, passion, places

My Wish

Good morning to you
On this lovely day
Independence is the word
If i may say
I wish i was there
To share with you
A kiss on your cheek
And say how do you do
Take you to lunch
Spend the day
In the warm sunshine
The American way
In the evening we will fish
As hunter gatherers do
Play some music 
A dance for two
Into the night
As the owls hoot
Skinny dipping
In our birthday suits
Dried and refreshed
A nightcap for two
As we lie on the bed
Just me and you
But the toll of the day
Tires us so
With your head on my chest
We fall into dreamy flow

by Bobby May |
Categories: family, poets,

Ode To Jan and Jen

Her pooper scoper is filled with laughter
A kind and gentle soul always encouraging me
To pickup after her poop, she is a hoot
Her kindest and friendliness on soup
Blends these two together
JEN on the other hand has a love of understanding
A poem she once wrote left me gasping for air
If you put these two together in one simple poem
It would be called


This is not a song to be sung but the melody of Two
Givening to one 

Contest:In Praise of the Ode
Sponsored by: Aette Onclaud
Date Created: 10/01/2020

by Cherie Fleming |
Categories: animal, children, cute love, daughter, dog, pets,

The Naughty Little Puppy

The Naughty Little Puppy

She's lucky she is cute!
All day long she's chewing things.
I've yelled so much I'm mute, 
still she's chasing kids on bikes.
She's lucky she is cute!

She chewed my favorite boot 
The first night on Christmas eve.
She even pooped on route
To our home that fateful night. 
She's lucky she is cute!

My daughter's in cahoot
With this naughty little dog.
They yell and bark and hoot.
She feeds her from the table!
They're lucky they are cute!

The leash works to recruit
The children to her side, but
Her training's in dispute.
Surely guidance is required.
She's lucky she is cute!

Oh that naughty little puppy...
She's lucky she is cute!

by Eve Roper |
Categories: bird, old,

Night Owl

Night Owl While flying over a little new town A nice friendly place called Hooters I found It must have been opened for owls like me For my large eyes to roll at what to see A big building of large red stone and bricks Full of big plump young good looking stacked chicks A favorite hangout after sundown Judging from all the hoots and other sounds Tonight this old bird will give it a try I will hoot the hoot and have some stir-fry The nice environmentalist love me Now I don't have to sit in this old tree 2/15/2016

by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, imagination, inspirational, life, love, nature, people, romance, sea, seasons, uplifting, war

I Don'T Give a Hoot

<                             beneath swollen moon
                               silhouttes conjoinment dance
                               hooting escalates  

Entry For
Sensuous Senryus

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: addiction, humorous,


I love weed; Afghan Red to be precise
It is my favourite illegal vice
I do it in the bath and in the hall
I smoke it in summer and right through fall

I smoke in class and in canteen
I smoke when cops are on the scene,
I light up when in academic gown, 
a practice that made my former
Wife frown

And on the bus it is a hoot, to fill the
Air with devil’s suit; to draw it in 
And keep it down, is much preferred
On trip through town

So if you feel life’s closing in, forget
The doctor or the gin, it’s weed that 
Makes the world go round, its soothing
Pleasure…it has no measure... this
wicked vice, I'll always treasure

by Brenda Mcgrath |
Categories: funny, humorous,

I'M a Georgia Southern Belle

I am from Georgia, and am a real Southern belle,
I love to be on the front porch with iced tea, and sit a spell.
My hair has to be just so before I go out,
And my makeup is one thing I never go without.

I say “Ya’ll,” and “I’m fixin” to go…
It’s the grammar of a Southern belle you know.
I say “Please,” “Thank you Ma’am,” and “Oh shoot,”
And if you don’t like me, I don’t give a hoot!

Contest 213 Any Form, Any Topic Max of 10 lines
Sponsor: Brian Strand
Awarded 10th Place

by Liberty Robbins |
Categories: love, nature, , Lullaby,

My Heart's Little Ditty

If ever there were a winner here
It would be Me, Myself, and I
The one you have so chosen
To hold beside you under nighttime sky
While owls hoot a lullaby
And my heart cries out a little ditty
Goodbye says my heart
To the fear, the 
The unrest, so unsettled in my soul

by Kenneth Fordham |
Categories: adventure, animals, life, love, nature, visionary, longing,

A Love So Beautiful

The stillness of night,
Hoot Owl calls, longing for her,
Springtime in the air.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: bird,


Owl always love you
You are a hoot at midnight
I just love the way you say whoooo, whoooo...
I am glad that you chose me 
To be your tree mate
I wouldn't want to be out on a limb with anyone but you
Whoo!!! Whoo!!

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: nonsense,

What's This Nonsense

A friend once wrote me
How they wished they
could write like Seuss ..........I said they could-----by example

Green eggs and Ham, well I'll be dammed
Just serve them up to me
Cats in their hats, imagine that
A tasty sight to see
One Fish, Blue Fish
Red Fish, Two Fish
The menu's quite extensive
Take Ten Apples Up On Top
They're truly not expensive
They make a soup here that I love
They claim it's made with Yerdle
I read the can, now understand
It's really made from turtle
Now I must go, but you should know
That Horton gives a Hoot
Next time we come,  to dine with you
Let's have Grinch, with Lorax soup !

by Rosy Love |
Categories: food,

And the Girl Fell In Love With the Pizza

I carefully break the crusty circle 
As I lift a slice of cheese;
The chewy, stretchable goodness
Clings and breaks off as I please.

I lift it close with both hands
And inhale its warm, cheesy smell;
It sends a spasm of hunger
Deep into my stomach’s well.

I temptingly take a nibble;
The gooey warmth fills my cheeks;
My tongue finds pepperoni and pineapple,
And the flavors explode in peaks.

The fluffiness of crust, the chewiness of cheese,
The spiciness of meat, and the tanginess of fruit
Collide in my mouth, sends my taste buds whooping
And my stomach grumbles and gives a hoot!

I can no longer refrain!
I can no longer restrain!
I stuff my face until
I can no longer contain.

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: childhood, food, funny, me, me,

Food Talk Kid Poem

Olives are so sweet to eat
Avocados are a treat
I love fruit right off the trees
Sneaking honey from the bees
Bread so soft it floats on air
Curly noodles shaped like hair
But I hate broccoli and peas
And tofu burgers make me sneeze
If you force me to sit and eat
food you think should be a treat
If you want me sitting there
You can leave me, I don’t care
Night will come and bedtime too 
Owls will fly and hoot at you 
Me and food will still be there
Sleeping when you come down stairs

by Bala Naga Lakshmi |
Categories: depression, emotions, feelings, love, mom,

Answer Me

I carry the torch for thee
Why did you give up me with glee
Was it you wouldn't be caught dead
to identify me as your blood
Did I cork up my love
or were you cheesed off with this low dove
Were you cut to the quick
because of this dimwit pig
Are you coming apart at the seams
due to my first gleam
Why make me a fish out of water
Was I not a thing or matter
You couldn't give a hoot!
as I a worthless boot
Were you tokophobic
How long should I blink my tears back and endure
When will your invisible palms to wipe away my tears come out
My life a story not a tale
Will it not tug at your heartstrings

by Tom Quigley |
Categories: care, humor, love, wife,

The Gilette Mach 3 Incentive Plan

The forecast says, not a cloud in the sky,
Great prospects for spousal action today.
Since my sweetie likes a clean-shaven guy,
Better find my razor without delay!

The girl doesn’t like my scruffy kisser
When it scrapes her face it makes her cranky.
Elsewise, no razor. I wouldn’t miss it.
Don’t give a hoot if it’s a bit manky.

Don't fear, Chewbacca, it's not gonna hurt.
Mow the front lawn; it’s a big tangled fray.
Come on, Sasquatch, make a little effort.
No, it wouldn’t kill you to look okay.

Ah! Smooth, clean face makes hers a happy face.
Now shall we adjourn to our happy place?


by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

My Heart Does Loops

Love can be strange, love can be a hoot It can make you crazy, make you jump through hoops Bottom line though is this Love is complete bliss When that one comes along and your heart does loops! © Jack Ellison 2015

by Linda Smith |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, nature, passion,

Nature's Cacophany

Sitting by the crackling fire,
the two of us
alone in the dark.
The frogs' chorus
pierce the night air.
The solemn hoot
of the lonely owl, startles.
The heat carries the embers
and smoke to the heavens.
I watch the flames
dance across your lovely face.
The light reflected 
in your eyes.
We sit together
listening to nature's cacophany
enjoying  the night's spoken words.
Our silence communicates
one to another.

by Ann Anderson |
Categories: mother

Dear Mamma

Mamma says
this life's not free,
the whole damn world
as accosted me.

Mamma says
don't give a hoot,
they are gun free happy,
they want to shoot.

Mamma says
I've lived my life,
slings and arrows,
the butchers knife.

But mamma says
take care of you,
be aware of the damage
this world can do.

Mamma's love,
the purest known,
for without her words,
would I have grown?

Mamma sleeps now
but her words ring true,
God bless you mamma
till I'm home again,
with you.

by Joe Maverick |
Categories: introspection

So Close

They are flowing like linen,
Like water;  in the air
And the cosmos above,
They can fill the soul to its weal and whole
With echo, with sensations,
Or the sense of true love,
Not just a skin-deep (feeling) deceitfully leaving
An inner dimension that yearns for a teaching...
The essence of anger..! A view of green pasture,
At three in the morning 
As owls hoot, or a mouse pipes,
These events are encrypted,
With other great mysteries
I grasp at their presence, 
I strain toward a promise,
I sense deep fulfillment... 
With enrapturing 
World Brightening words...!


© Joe Maverick 21-5-2009
amended 19 02 2012

by Mike Dailey |
Categories: fathers day, for him, health, men, society,

Male Laser Lifting

Male Laser Lifting

At first I just couldn’t believe it
The spas out in sunny LA
Are offering “Male laser lifting”
For which some guys are willing to pay
The locals call it “tackle tightening”
Some call it just “ironing the ball”
It removes hair and discoloration
And wrinkles if I rightly recall
Some brag it improves their love life
Some claim that it feels good to boot
Some say you revert back to childhood
But what some say just don’t mean a hoot
No one who’s holding a laser
Is getting a shot at my jewels
I’m crazy but I’m not THAT crazy
Them’s that do simply are fools

Uncle Mike

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: bird,

I Be An Owl

I be an owl 

You rest at night as I hoot,
Hanging onto the wires 
as you sleep in your homes.

Then label me as a symbol
of misfortune and misery
forgetting the misdeeds you do.

I could see and turn around
yet the cheats and creulties
In your mind were invisible.

I thought you would love
And care and nurture us all
With gift of God to mankind.

Written Feb 8th, 2017

by David Clark |
Categories: love,

A Solitary Voice

I heard a hoot owl calling in the silence of the night.

And soon he found another to hoot with in the moonlight.

It is easy in the silence to hear the solitary voices.

But not so easy in the din of the day when there are so many choices.

Do we fault a precious friend his difference or take heed to what they say?

Whether just a little to the left or right or as much as night and day?

It matter's not if you are Christian, Hindu Muslim Jew or none of the above.

You can always hear the solitary voice if you listen first with love.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: children, sad,

Orville the Owl

This here's a hoot! Bout a hooty old coot With the wonderful name of Orville You can hear him at night Hooty-hooing his plight From his lonely old perch up the hill They once were in love Like two turtle doves Orville and his old flame Mildred Though Orville's old memory Was now a bit feathery She died and it left him bewildered He didn't know why She just up and died Thought she'd be his love for a lifetime But fate came along Sang a very sad song Now he hoots for hours every nighttime So now when sad hoots Resound in your ear Of a lonesome old owl named Orville You'll know the reason He hoots every season From his lonely old perch up the hill © Jack Ellison 2013

by Barbara Barry-Nishanian |
Categories: animal, appreciation, loneliness, pets,



Love and joy felt enter my life
day saw Sammy arrive.
Suddenly emptiness vanished,
once again … felt alive.

Sammy gets extra comfortable
especially on my lap.
And I welcome his warm body,
when time for bed … or nap.

Under chin against my chest, that’s
the way we go to sleep.
Soon cuddle in curve of my back,
positions all night … keep.

Sammy’s lessened my loneliness,
love loudness of his purr.
Blood pressure Doc’s seen get lower
when sit … and stroke Sam’s fur. 

Sam’s Improved quality of life,
my mental health, to boot.
Those don’t believe this possible,
guess what? … Don’t give a hoot?

March 17, 2023

Sponser:B.J.Legros Kelley

by Buhagiar Victor |
Categories: travel, true love,

The Train Hooted

The dark train hurtled head on,
     in the star-studded night
to its projected destination.
                    The train hooted. 
Sometimes it slowed
     as a solitary station passed by.

Sometimes it flew
even though the lines were crossed.
                    The train hooted. 
Clickety clack, Clickety clack.
     The hoot hooted in delight
as peaks of ecstasy were reached.

Until the train arrived.  Smoke ejected,
engine slowed to a stop.
But I assure you, my love,
     the journey would have been no fun
had you not been with me.

7 January 2021