Love Poem: And the Girl Fell In Love With the Pizza
Rosy Love Avatar
Written by: Rosy Love

And the Girl Fell In Love With the Pizza

I carefully break the crusty circle 
As I lift a slice of cheese;
The chewy, stretchable goodness
Clings and breaks off as I please.

I lift it close with both hands
And inhale its warm, cheesy smell;
It sends a spasm of hunger
Deep into my stomach’s well.

I temptingly take a nibble;
The gooey warmth fills my cheeks;
My tongue finds pepperoni and pineapple,
And the flavors explode in peaks.

The fluffiness of crust, the chewiness of cheese,
The spiciness of meat, and the tanginess of fruit
Collide in my mouth, sends my taste buds whooping
And my stomach grumbles and gives a hoot!

I can no longer refrain!
I can no longer restrain!
I stuff my face until
I can no longer contain.