Love Poem: What's This Nonsense
Jerry T Curtis Avatar
Written by: Jerry T Curtis

What's This Nonsense

A friend once wrote me
How they wished they
could write like Seuss ..........I said they could-----by example

Green eggs and Ham, well I'll be dammed
Just serve them up to me
Cats in their hats, imagine that
A tasty sight to see
One Fish, Blue Fish
Red Fish, Two Fish
The menu's quite extensive
Take Ten Apples Up On Top
They're truly not expensive
They make a soup here that I love
They claim it's made with Yerdle
I read the can, now understand
It's really made from turtle
Now I must go, but you should know
That Horton gives a Hoot
Next time we come,  to dine with you
Let's have Grinch, with Lorax soup !