Love Poems About Honeybees or Honeybees Love Poems
by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, morning,

Morning Splendour

Nature beckons me with its charm ~ trees waving in the wind wish me good morning from their farm; birds chirrup, their music plays on, young ones squeak in response, I love hearing these sounds at dawn; honeybees, butterflies float by, busy waking flowers, I watch them with a content sigh, buds open up their little heads, sun rays smile at dewdrops, charming me as morn's splendour spreads. 10.16.2020
For Constance La France's "Writing challenge - Tercets" contest

by Bobby Nesmith |
Categories: love, heart, heart,

Only You

As a yellow bird sings gaily
On a balmy summer day,
Crooning melodies so sweet
That honeybees stop and stare,

So my heart beats for you.

Like a solitary snowflake
Floating slowly to the ground,
Shining brightly, silver flare,
A majestic masterpiece,

So my heart beats for you.

As a solid oak stands regally
In earthen permanence,
Deeply rooted in the ground,
Unmoved by changing times,

So my heart beats for you.

‘Til my lungs are filled no more,
‘Til my heart beats its last,
‘Til my soul departs this body,
And from dust to dust returns,

My heart beats for you…

Only you.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, emotions, feelings, girlfriend, imagery, love,

A Stroll In the Moonlight

I’m so happy you’re a part of me I believed love was a dream until you made it come true and now there is no denying you. You’re stupendous more beautiful than a garden in full bloom and sweeter than the nectar that honeybees sip from a flower’s heart. My ultimate fantasy begins with a stroll in the moonlight as two hearts morph into one synergetic soul forever more. (Joseph's Star) 1/17/2016

by Christine A Kysely |
Categories: introspection, love

The Sweetest Thing

I have found you
My Precious clover
Hidden amongst a sea
Of bitter grasses

I hold you gently
And spread your petals wide
I taste your sweetest nectar
Hidden deep inside

I have tasted your love
And now I know
Why all the Honeybees
Seek only to find you

May 16th,  2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

by Donna Jones |
Categories: love,

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I sit among a field of springtime clover

Honeybees gathering sweet nectar as they hover

I'm daydreaming of last night's encounter

Right here on this fragrant carpet of green and white

Were the kisses real?

Was the moon that bright?

I pull petals from a daisy, one after the other

Chanting, he loves me, he loves me not, my lover

Here among a field of springtime clover

2-24-2013. ©Donna Jones

by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: bird, spring,

Sylvan Beauty

Spring unveils the vibrant sylvan beauty
Lying quiescent under winter's mysterious tranquility
The honeybees, suddenly sharp with visibility
Land on peonies with an honest predictability.

The larks and jays hopping with agility
Recite ancient melodies with renewed ability
The merry robin aplomb with fertility
Flutters away, skirting unbound virility.

The verdant leaves smile with humility
Accentuating the bulwark trees dignity.
The nascent buds sway with such fragility
Filling nooks and crevices with love and sensibility.

Basking in venerable nature’s nobility
My heart knows no limits or stability.

Written on 05/07/2016

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: love,

Hosed By a Rose

As practically any single man knows, the sharpest thorns can be found on any rose. It is the man who has to wine and dine. Most of the time, he has to stand in line. Most guys don’t consider this situation fine. Like butterflies, the pretty women can float around. Men with looks and money are where they are found. A man’s high-flying airplane can be easily downed. Careful, honeybees can have a sharp stinger. A fickle lass can be a sorrow bringer. Caveat emptor, or let the buyer beware. Roses with sticky thorns are found everywhere.

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, baby, love,

Water Colour Carousels

Gazing bright eyes past his railing sublime's, crib it's playful pen ?
Watching time's beautiful Father, walking through majestic's garden
Tiny tippy toes holding gently unto her kangaroo a kiss upon the brow...
Whispering into our heart's love's twinkling stars; cascading columns lights
Moonbeams warmth their breath this breeze; butterflies and honeybees, waltzing
Swirling about fantasia these lovely scenes; while Angels purity's babies together they sing
Holy be the King; lifting us, from wishful dreams as touching tender palms, smiling; Daddyyyy.

by Hell Kat |
Categories: devotion, family, teen,


The pennies squeak in your fingers,
wet with the the sky's perspiration.
Drawing their copper onto your DNA-
scraping away the cells of her past.

Strips of trees, plastered to the floor
careful not to shed a drip- a stain
on top of her hardwood tiles. 
We Consecrate all our labor on the sheets. 

The paint sticks like glue 
to her succulent, hidden roots;
Coloring the cover under
her opaque jumpsuit of alabaster.

Awash with tides of a new dawn,
the pennies, the paper, the paint
spread like honeybees in Summer's wake
Formulating the colors of love.

by Su Ar |
Categories: future, girl, longing, love, pain,

Emerald Green

A flicker, a spark

The all too familiar fear of feelings

I see you as an apple orchard in bloom

The honeybees harvesting their bounty

And I hear your name

I think about Romeo and Juliet

Not that you would cause a catastrophe

More of my heart already planned our wedding

What flowers to plant in our garden

How wonderful you would look in green

Emerald green

by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: appreciation, love, wife,

Hcs 7 'Which Bless the Kings and Glow Which Each King Sees'


Which? …bless the kings, and glow (which each King sees?)
Why, streams of honeybees, and butterflies!
And why does every traveler stroll with ease,
And happy puppies run over the rise?
‘Tis She!  Who brings these gifts, of ether formed…
Provacateur of Peace, She smiles, and glades
Of lilies then appear, ivy adorns
The oaks, and th’earth has never felt a spade!
Each blade of grass, or flower, grows to please her!
The ducklings and the fairies, her adore,
Each time a jolt of laughter seems to seize her,
The trees all bloom, folk clap, and then make more
(Laughter, I mean) it rings, floats on the breeze,
And tears of Joy – enough to fill up seas!

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: muse, spiritual,

Pause That Thought Ego Begot

just as the magnetism of pheromone attracts honeybees as of flowers yearning, likewise, oh fearless hermit, desires of our heart manifests our dream life, we believe to be real, till clear light of truth revealed in silence. Thus, embracing all, negating nothing, mindful not to stagnate anywhere, conscience distilling our desires, in resonance with Gods love, we celebrate each throb in vibrant fullness feeling complete each moment of our life. 19-April-2021

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art, , sweet love,


Half-mooned I have left the envy.
The basic instinct of lesser love
for my failing god.

Come to me, my cloaked enemy,
a sweet lover of pain
in the milky hours.

Mother of seeds was far away
and you wanted to suck on the
pollen from the wings of honeybees.

Soft and cruel, I cannot leave you
nor I can abandon the post.
The war cry was coming nearer.

Was it a virginal drink to –
placate the lips of a flame ?
Time will never know the ultimate.

Satish Verma

by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: appreciation, love, wife,

Hcs 6 'To Join the Angels In Joyful Repast'


To join the angels in joyful repast,
Where is no shame, nor overeating e’er,
Is her least gift, ‘tis given at the last…
Before, they stroke their golden dulcimers rare,
And sing like rivers babbling over rocks,
And sing like trees that whisper in the wind,
And sing like birds, a-winging in their flocks,
And shine, like mighty folk, who never sinned!
There, for her, burgeon green, and growing things,
There, poor folk feed each other, free from envies,
There, service is the measure of all Kings,
Wherever they do go, their only envoys
Are streams of butterflies and honeybees,
Which bless the kings, and glow (which each King sees!)

by Trevonte Degouvenain |
Categories: nature


They grow on houses
They grow on trees
They sneak behind you like mouses
A good envirnment for honeybees
There are different kinds showing there signs
like happiness
some help sicknesss
too many different colors
kind of like yours
there beautiful, but not comen for a troll
smells like glory
An object that shows
Careness and a sign of love
That florish and evolve

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beautiful, color, flower, flying, green, insect, nature,

Dazzling Forest Jewels-Orchid Bees

Found from Mexican forests, to Southern Brazil,
The jeweled honeyless bees are very sweet still,
In colors blue, purple, red, gold or a mixture,
Their glossy bodies among the greenery a fixture.

Instead of honey, the male makes fine fragrancy,
And in place of a beehive, is a fancy perfumery,
So as to fascinate his beautiful female intended,
Like the smoky vibrancy of sky when day has ended! 

Solitary creatures, they prefer to go it alone,
The male is stingless, but his queen has her own.
A love of blooms is had in common with honeybees,
As they flash and glitter among the emerald trees!

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: adventure, devotion, education, faith, forgiveness, friendship, imagination, rose,


Daffodil, rose and carnation,
White, red, pink and many more,
Flowers were on their beauty,
Air comes to kiss their leaves.

They smiles and laughs,
When sun shines on them,
They spread their fragrance,
Butterfly and beetle comes to dance.

.ladybirds and honeybees round them,
As a pilgrim worships to his God,
A red rose is a symbol of love,
Also connects the broken hearts,

Nature, birds, animals and human,
All are happy to look flowers,
They spread scent everywhere,
To reduce bad smell in Air.

We need to appreciate this art,
Who cares for fresh breath?
A person can’t offer so greatness,
He cut them for money dish.

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: flower, nature,

The Peonies Are Gone

The peonies by the front porch are gone
Late this year they lingered, never fading,
Reds, pinks, and white made warm bouquets
For the gravesites of family and friends in May.

The honeybees feasted on the peony blooms
As did the ants who love their sweet nectar,
Until rains came and plundered the petals
The peonies by the front porch are gone.

written July 8, 2021