Love Poem: Flowers
Daljit Khankhana Avatar
Written by: Daljit Khankhana


Daffodil, rose and carnation,
White, red, pink and many more,
Flowers were on their beauty,
Air comes to kiss their leaves.

They smiles and laughs,
When sun shines on them,
They spread their fragrance,
Butterfly and beetle comes to dance.

.ladybirds and honeybees round them,
As a pilgrim worships to his God,
A red rose is a symbol of love,
Also connects the broken hearts,

Nature, birds, animals and human,
All are happy to look flowers,
They spread scent everywhere,
To reduce bad smell in Air.

We need to appreciate this art,
Who cares for fresh breath?
A person can’t offer so greatness,
He cut them for money dish.