Love Poems About Honestly or Honestly Love Poems
by Honestly J.T. |
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One World

Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up each other,
And know that we all care.
If we help our sisters and brothers,
There's a bond that we'll share.

©2013 Honestly JT

by Cathy Holmes |
Categories: hope, life, loss,

Why Must I Die Inside?

Why must I die inside?
I am crushed inside from past experiences that I have not let go of.
I have tried to erase all the things that are holding me back.
I have tried not to remember how many times I was raped and torn apart inside.
I cannot remember when I have really and truly laughed and felt it inside.
I am pressed down with so many issues and hurt from family and friends.
I have tried to live my life with humility and honestly and Love.
I reach out to people with sincere compassion.
I want to live
Why must I die inside?

by Julie Grenness |
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Here, I dwell in no man's land,
On the flip side, there's men unwomanned,
They can be a miserable band,
Desperately seeking a hand,
I read their profiles for online dating,
Is this pulp fiction they're creating?
"Honest, sensuous, sincere men here,
Tactile and reliable...", Great, my dears,
All searching for affection,
BUT, I want your ex's true opinion!
Can I have her phone number, please?
What do you mean she's overseas,
Like forever and permanently?
Oh, really, really, really.....
What does your ex say about you, please?
Why complain about her to me?
Honestly, why are you unwomanned?
While, here I dwell in no man's land.........

by Shari Davis |
Categories: happiness, life, loss, love, heart, heart, love, together,

Matters of the Heart

We've come a long way
I can honestly say
As I look to the past
I never thought we'd last
But look where we are
We've come so far
We've given and we've taken
We've done things forsaken
We've laughed and we've cried
Sometimes we've even lied
I've hurt you and you've hurt me
But our love feels like it was meant to be
My heart is yours and your heart is mine
It is rare to find a love so divine
Our love is strong and it will come to grow
Forever together is a long time you know
By your side, I will always be
I love you and you love me
We'll stay together and never part
As long as our love comes from the heart

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

by Honestly J.T. |
Categories: goodbye, passion, love,

Only Because I Love You

Every night, before I close my eyes,
I have this aching in my ear.
Something else bothers me tonight,
Your title of wife is drawing near.

That's what your mother is or was,
And she still has a crush on me.
Just be sure you don't rush,
Know that you love him honestly.

I want you to know I loved you,
Though we didn't do right sometimes.
I could not stop thinking of you,
I think the choice you've made is right.

I could hate it again and again,
Yet out of love I'd let you go.
I believe that's the right decision,
Now I kiss goodbye with this poem.

by Red Omara |
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To Love Again

I would like to know a woman well again.
And for her to know me just as well.
Each of us to  know the other
honestly, completely, 
openly and passionately.
To know in such a way
that would not allow that miracle to fade
to some manufactured flimsy 
of what it once had been.
Then that we had
would never sour.
We'd bear no witness to its lustiness
neglected, starved,
paling to some shrunken thing,
smothering with its dry and celibate corpse,
our song, our anthem.
And so, before that warmth and yearning
could cool and weary, we would,
with smiles and hugs and kisses,
and maybe tears,
say goodbye
and never think to hesitate
to love again.

by Ira Dawson |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love, romance, teen,


She hallowed out her heart again,
She tore out all the black.
Then scraped the walls with her bare hands,
Until she reached the back.
She washed off all the rusted screws,
And broken veins, and pounding wounds.
She tried to make sense of this scene,
But honestly, she could not think.
She knew she had to start fresh,
But in her chest was left a mess.
But in her hands was left the flesh,
Of memories and secrets kept.

by Nicole Dellinger |
Categories: confusion, life, love, sad, teen,

Caught Me Off Guard

Somewhere you are sitting
Unaware of how I feel
Then again maybe you know
How I wish that you'd reveal
Every now and then
I like to close my eyes
Pretend that you're with me
The dreams I fantasize
Honestly I wish you knew
The things inside my heart
Everytime I think of you
I wish we weren't apart
Never did I think
That I would fall for you so hard
Can't control the way I feel
It all caught me off guard!

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: best friend, betrayal,

I Am Happy To Miss You

I was honestly happy before we met,
there is not reason for me to regret...
I love the sunrise that begat this sunset;
and the feelings you will never forget.

Soar the skies and snug the silent stars,
I will be right here scratching unseen scars
while you walk away with a platter of nectars.
I pray you keep the cookies in the jars.

I know you will one day look back...
only to find me on a new track.
Your lying lips was our only setback...
I wish you will discard that stained sack.

There is no reason for me to retaliate...
Our relationship was a date with fate.
I will always love you my heart mate...
Your apologies will never be too late.

by Roxanne Dubarry |
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When I First Enter My Heavenly Promise Land

When I first enter my heavenly promise land,
Jesus Christ will be willing escorting me
into his promise land. He will be helping me
understand just how wonderfully 
grand life will be there.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land,
Jesus Christ will be willing telling me. How much
much he honestly cared for me.  And all of my
redeemed friends and family.

When I first enter my heavenly promise land,
heavenly angels will be willing escorting me. Satan
 will no longer tempt me, and the devil will no longer
 be able to defeat me. and I will be finally free at last!

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
Roxy 1954/ October Country
January 20,2020

by Honestly J.T. |
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For Always

Every moment I can't see your face;
These are the days and nights when I miss you.
I ask that you stay for always,
On sunny days and when it rains too.

If I speak to another pretty dame,
She's not the flame inside that grows.
In my heart you will remain;
This one thing I'd like you to know.

©2013 Honestly JT
For Skat -Love's "Under 10" Poetry Contest

by Kesia Chabros |
Categories: confusion, depression, family, poetry,


I want to return home
I'm sick of being alone
the green house, my warm room
without this dense feeling of gloom
i want to be with the people i know
where the days arent so gruelling and slow
the place filled with warmth and laughter
where i would live happily ever after
sitting around together eating tea
with them telling me they love me, unconditionally
but honestly I'm just lying through my teeth
because this is all just hireath

by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: courage, heartbreak, how i feel, image, integrity, joy, love, peace, relationship, social, society, spiritual, trust, uplifting,


Hugs from a soul brings forth true hope.
One laugh starts a rush of joy.
Now we can start to heal.
Each has their own part.
Start with one step.
Trust is great.
Love heals,

Edward J Ebbs - October 10, 2015

Written for a Contest, Infinite Infinitians

by Honestly J.T. |
Categories: adventure, desire, for her, hope, how i feel, longing, passion,

Cinquain 03

Be it the morning or evening tide?
Whence come our love and fates collide?
Shall you come nigh, by light of the moon?
With steadfast reply,
Please, let us be soon.

©2014 Honestly JT

by Dana Smith |
Categories: childhood,

At That Age

At that age, I'd no idea what would come, If it would be love, bursting heart's seems. Which was why it was so wonderful, Being 13, with no worries, only dreams. . Falling in love with every boy, A new one to obsess over, nearly every week ! It wasn't easy, but enjoyable, Being so sure of myself; being strong, and not Weak. Now that I look back, I feel so aged~ Even only being almost three years older. But that year made me what I am today, Not just prepared, but, honestly- bolder.
For Contest: ...AT THAT AGE Sponsored by: Nette Onclaud By: Dana'lynn Smith

by Dean Masciarelli |
Categories: lost love

Letting Go and Moving On

Letting go and moving on

Written By Dean Masciarelli

January 23, 2010 (10:14am)

Letting go and moving on 

Is probably the 
hardest thing 

That I had ever done

Because I never felt so 
connected to anyone

And in my mind 

I honestly thought
that you were the one

Because you weren’t 
just my companion

You were also 
my mentor

And my best friend

And ever since 
you’ve been gone

I’ve tried to pick up
the pieces on my own

So that I could get
back to being
somewhat normal again

But that just 
hasn’t happened

So I am going to leave 
it in God hands

Because I just can’t recover 
from everything on my own

by Chris Witherspoon |
Categories: angel, god, love, son,

My One and Only Son

Hello my Son,
it's me, your Dad.
Let's talk about things,
as if we always had.

I'm sorry you could'nt stay,
I know you had to go.
Although I was afraid,
I honestly loved you so.

You're with The Lord now,
you play by His side.
An angel in His kingdom,
a star in the night sky.

As I keep you in my heart,
while you watch over me.
Tell God I need His blessing,
to be the man He wants me to be.

So till we meet again in Heaven,
where our time will have just begun.
Save a place for me by your side,
My One and Only Son......

by Cassidy Budd |
Categories: boyfriend, first love, i love you, love, soulmate, true love,

All the Little Things

Somewhere along the way, I fell in love.
I fell in love with all the little things you didn't know you were doing.
I fell in love with how protective you are, even from so far away.
I fell in love with the way you show me off to your friends.
I fell in love with how you smiled at me.
I fell in love with the way you love me.
And honestly, I've never been more in love with anyone than I am with you.

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: dedication, i love you, love,

Warm and True

Hold me now and feel
my trembling hands.
It never mattered that
you are an older man.

Pull me closer to your warm
and supportive shoulder
being near you makes my heart
beat wild and live bolder.

Kiss my lips and drink them in
no one but you knows where my
soul begins and ends.

Take this passion I only have for you
and know that I honestly love you, so
warm and true.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, me,

A Diamond In Your Eye

Dear Sir, I saw you watching me from where you sat at your own table, just like me. I’m sure you saw me trying not to stare right back at you! I’ll tell you, honestly I’ve never seen a guy like you before, with eyes of such a brilliant and rare hue. I could not just stay seated any more. I felt compelled to come and talk to you. So now I’m here. Ah, yes! Your eyes are green. I thought they were. . . and yet they far outshine mere emeralds! I think that I have been enraptured since your gaze first fell on mine! I tell you this (though, truly, I am shy) I want to be a diamond in your eye!

by Honestly J.T. |
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Wherever You Are

Behind your beautiful eyes and gorgeous disguise,
You've cried a thousand tears.
Baby girl, it's to you I write these words;
I hope somehow your clouds disappear.

May God reach from the heavens, 
And protect your weary soul.
I know during these life lessons,
Things seem to spin out of control.

©2013 Honestly JT

by Richard Hovelsrud |
Categories: dark, dream, love,

I Smell a Rose

I smell a rose,
Walking down a country road,
Where it goes, I don’t know,
But I smell a rose.

It’s getting dark, and I’m far from the start,
But nowhere near the end, aloneness is usually something I would fear,
But not here. 
I cannot see.
I cannot hear.
Honestly, I do not know how I got here,
A dreamer lost in the night,
Searching for hope,
Looking for a light, but no matter how far I go…
I smell a rose.

by Honestly J.T. |
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Black Diamond

A lovely lady you are, 
And lovely always be.
Your beauty bright as midnight stars,
And moonlight shining on the sea.

You're all that is fair and kind,
The sweetest dream and reality.
Many times you've crossed my mind; 
My lasting hope is of you and me.

©2013 Honestly JT

by Heather Buxton |
Categories: character,

I Am What I Am

I am what I am

I am what I am
Fearless and strong
I love
I laugh
I cry
Immovable, confident, loyal and blessed
Not perfect or righteous
Just simply the best
I wish this was catching
I honestly do
I’d be so happy to share it with you
Approval not needed
My spirit is free
I am what I am
I’m just beautiful me.

by Shane Solomon |
Categories: funny

Love Is a Another Name For Debt

Where is fat baby cupid?
I hope he knows I think Valentines day is stupid
Buying expensive gifts at Walmart
Overweight babies shooting love darts
Honestly the whole holiday is simply putrid