Love Poems About Diving or Diving Love Poems
by Joy Wellington |
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My Tears

My Tears

I am crying, for you, for me, for then and now.
I can hear you saying, “Don’t cry my love,
Not for spilt milk
Just talk to The Good Lord up above.

My heart is full inside my breast,
Each artery is swollen with stagnant pain.
Tell me my love, how I make myself forget,
How can we that innocence regain.

I can remember diving in the Blue Lagoon in Portland,
Its waters beyond blue were black.
Down I went without a fear, until I started to rise,
No light I could see and I thought I would never come back.

Synonymous of the darkness that surrounds me now
I shudder and shake in fear.
Then suddenly from out of nowhere,
I see you, I hear you.  You care!

by Rae Stegall |
Categories: devotion, happiness, love,

Falling In Love

Love is like a bottomless pit,
it is neverending,
somewhat terrifying,
and I'm fallng in love.

Love is like a vast ocean,
it seems endless,
and now I'm diving,
and I'm falling in love.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: butterfly, love,

Flutter My Butterfly

When I close my eyes you come crawling 
stirring up my soul 
diving in my dreams 
delving thru my seams 

Flutter my butterfly with vestigial wings 
let me chase after you 
where the catail do sing 

Fly over hilltops seduced by the sea 
slip off to the sunshine 
and visions of me 

Enter my pasture where waters run deep 
place your wings upon my shoulders 
and let yesterday's sleep

by Caren Krutsinger |
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I am a Booby

My best feature by far, my bright azure feet.
A mating dance star, prowess cannot be beat.
South American bird, wing span of five feet.
My diving is absurd. Snow white breast is neat.
A morel mushroom head, strutting brown feathers.
Seventeen years of stead, love Pacific weathers.
Three hundred and thirty feet, of dive cannot be beat.
Do not need wet suit or any kind of scub-y.
I am the blue-footed booby.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, emotions, feelings, image, love, trust,

Love Evolved From Trust

Diving deep into the depths of her soul my soul melded with hers, touching its core. Smiling shyly, relinquishing control, she seductively sighed, desiring more. Flecks of sunlight gilded her honeyed locks, like spun gold gently blowing in the wind. We locked ourselves in time, no need for clocks, or forgiveness, for neither of us sinned. Our two lonely souls melded into one, there could be no I or me, only we. We no longer needed to find someone, for the moment I found her, she found me. It's no surprise that love evolved from trust, but so did hope; look it up if you must. (Sonnet/ Lipogram No Letter "A") 08/06/2020

by Robertina B. |
Categories: growth, meaningful, spiritual,


Reach the highest realms..
Where there is no hierarchy..
Only a change in frequency..
A high vibratory frequency..
So in tune with love..

Tune into a channel of peace and harmony..
A construct of no limitations..
Captured by softness light as a feather..
Enraptured by the wondrous multiple time dimensions..
Swimming in the glory of high vibratory realms..
Diving head first in the luscious landscapes of indescribable bliss..

We seek the indescribable outside..
Seek and you shall find..
The indescribable divinity within..

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: dream, hurt, longing, lost love, missing you,


I opened my eyes
There you appeared
Out of thin air
Like a dream
I conjured you
From the depths of my soul
Waving the keys
That unlock the doors
To the labyrinth
Of my mind
My eyes diving
Into the blue of yours
Seeking answers
What happened to us
What went wrong
I loved you
You loved me
Was it not enough

Submitted on December 29, 2018, for contest ULTIMATE 2018 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND  -  RANKED 1ST

by Terrell Martin |
Categories: introspection, me, me,

Lord, Let Me Rise

Lord, let me rise above this mess Of too much toil and ugliness All around this world I see Lost and lonely souls like me… Struggling, striving, digging, diving Deep into memories long path; Lord, show me the Way Where loveliness lay High above trees and grass. Give me a sign I’m Meant to climb From the valley down below; To that place within where Love begins And seeds begin to grow.

by Itachi Uchiha |
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When you love a nerd

When you love a nerd
Don't ask why they question you being hydrogen
Or why they diagnosed you with containing copper and tellurium 
Do not wonder why they label you as "relative" to them

When a nerd loves you
Understand you are the 1
They even think you're CuTe
Know they think you are special to them 
Recognize, that when a nerd loves you, and you ask, "How much?"
Expect it to be compared to diving by zero

Because it cannot be defined.

Categories: absence, home, nostalgia,


My kind of town is a village by the sea.
Where we grew up, my siblings and me.

Roaming free from dawn 'till dusk.
Home for evening tea, as we must.

Summers by the beach, paddling, swimming.
Diving off the pier, strongest swimmers winning.

Music playing from our Music Shop.
Or Mum in our Pharmacy, while caring for us lot.

School overlooking beautiful bay.
Taken for granted as we went outside to play.

Friendships we made then still going strong.
It's amazing how well we all get along.

Hitching a lift to local dances.
Slapping the hands of boys taking chances.

Would love to be a child again.
In that old fashioned world, way back when.

by sarah seraphin |
Categories: devotion, love, passion

* The Sea of Love ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aquamarine ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Diving into Your

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sea of Beauty

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Unto Immaculates

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunlit Shores 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Basking in Heavens

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dreams of Beauty

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Beauty ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Of Your Endless Love”

by Lxnnnie Rutledzh |
Categories: angst, anxiety, conflict, crazy, lost, relationship, self,

Circular Haze

It takes forever to live,
and I can’t concentrate,

For the space that I travel in
makes me feel disgusting.

The way that I drift
on this deflated plate of fate,

Might be worth tasting
if my memories weren’t rusting.

You see,

I'm failing in love,
with nose diving values,

Designed to explode
on contact with lies.

They couldn’t believe it was me in the jury room
They decided to hang me from the stars in my eyes.

There is a catalog of assorted train wrecks to choose from
in the in-between—

on the outer-scope.

I used to hope,

Now I just die when I’m supposed to cope.

You have your Jesus,
I have my alibi.

As order brings order.

by Shahana Jackson |
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A woman's body

I dream of a woman's body 
and of wrapping it in my arms
and watching as it gets slushy
and as she progressively 
becomes more slutty.
I'd like to play with it 
like a fishers price toy.
And go fishing until 
I've reached the treasure.

With a woman's body the fun
is never really over and I'll 
keep scobba diving until 
I've seen all four walls.
And pushed each and every lever. 

Some women than like to sever 
all ties and be the player. 
But when I dream of a woman's 
body I dream that time is frozen.
And that this one sensuous moment
could last forever.

But I haven't found her body yet.
I regret....    


by Skyy Allen |
Categories: blue, cool, dance, dream, space, star,


We are stardust
Floating in celestial wind
Carried through the Galaxy 
Our conscious knows no end

Dancing in ethereal colors
Painting life in rainbow lights
Sailing through the dark 
Love igniting our souls spark

Diving in shades of cool
Letting go of all that fools
Ridding our hearts
Of every hinderance

We are stardust
Journeying through time
Searching for the path
That leads to eternity. 

by Molly Cooper |
Categories: death, life, love

The Depth of Love

Deep breath
Diving into warm waters
Looking around
So deep
My heart stops.

I’m waiting……………

~Save Me~

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: analogy, beach, beautiful, beauty, passion, patriotic, places,


Fall in love with the Philippines...
Pearl of the orient seas..
Known with its lustrous green forests..
Famous of it's soft to white beaches..

Fall in love with the Philippines..
Hospitable and respectable persons..
Lots olf activities to choose from..
Mountain climbing, camping, diving, surfing..
Choose, try and actively explore...

Fall in love with the Philippines..
Seemingly poor yet so rich in history..
All around you will see white to bronze colored Pinoys..
Nurtured by values and of traditions...

Fall in love with the Philippines..


by Debra Squyres |
Categories: introspection,

The Wandering Warrior

The Wandering Warrior

Banked doubts rest
on the shores of forgetfulness
as persistence of bravery
rises with the tides…

The warrior bid his time
seeking the path divine:
…diving into the heart of freedom
born of love
…seeking the kindred of mind
and heart…
        where peace dwells
        and joy swells

The wanderer in search
of truths
listens well within
the depths
of confusing seas
tossing to the 
waves that which
does hinder
the spirit…allowing 
the ebbs
of the tides
its cleansing chore
embracing life
with new 

by keith baucum |
Categories: black african american, conflict, hair, love, romantic, water, woman,

The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the 
Ocean of her essences that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet aka The Brown 

by Keith Baucum |
Categories: black african american, hair, love, romantic, water, woman,

The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves 
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the ocean of her essences 
that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet
aka The Brown Philosopher

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: analogy, fire, heart, imagery, love, metaphor, smile,

The Fire Is Gone

Where a fire once burned
nothing is left but spiraling smoke
and charred memories fading
with the waning of the frighten heat
chasing after the thinning smoke.

The singed lips of my heart---blistered
with the watered pain of lost love
feverously struggle to utter the asinine
question:  Why?
Knowing very well the fool’s answer:
If you play with fire, you’ll get burned!

Shivering from the dept I have sunken---
diving into the black hole of mind, I search
the darkness of vanity to forgive myself
for failing to gather the kindling.

by Amy Rose |
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Feel The Love

Diving deep, into the void, within
Washing, cleansing, myself clean
Trusting without expectation
Letting go of, what I am familiar with
Allowing the divine, infinite spirit to guide me
Teaching me how to live
Growing inside my heart and mind
Larger than my mind’s ego
As I consciously shed light, upon my self created burdens
Lighting up, my made up fears, my mind has believed, all these years
All the mistakes I have made, now become my greatest blessings
Showing me how to love, without attachment
Discovering, who I truly am

by Lyva Marty |
Categories: passion, sea,

Salt Of His Sea

Diving into the whorled
undercurrent of your passion,
a sizzling madness
greedily devours my aching need --
Caught in the under- toe 
of your magnetic current, 
my trembling body drips 
in ecstasies within a water's bed.

Eagerly riding the tide of lust
through a liquid love, 
I drown in your throbbing swell --
the moss, musk of a male's salty sea. 
Waves of pure rapture explore
a heart, fancy ,and gurgles
unleashing laps from paddles
the circles of rolling intensity.

by Alexandra Burns |
Categories: absence, feelings, goodbye, heartbroken, i miss you, sad love, sorrow,

dumpster diving

I threw out all of you
smashed all the CD's
trashed every sweatshirt that smelled of you
ripped up diary pages of admiration
letters and pictures burnt
only ashes that can't say 'I love you' anymore
and then you wanted me back
but I'm not going dumpster diving

by Donal Logue |
Categories: imagery, relationship, romance, romantic,

Cinzia's Gravity

Diving off head first into expanse of unknown love...
Tumbling around, head over heels, free falling willingly 
into an abyss of endless love...
Fingers and toes meeting no resistance...
Falling into infinity, being pulled in by your

by Christina Steyn |
Categories: betrayal

Red, Red Betrayal

Blood so bright,
Bright red I see,
It drips down,
A painful picture.
Soothing sadness,
Tears warm to touch,
A blade in hand,
The pain was too much,
Hearts broken and hollow,
Wrists slit apart.
Diving into darkness,
Where have we wandered?
Whimpers we hear,
Far far away,
She turns around,
Its you standing here.
Blood drips down,
Eyes swollen and red,
The smile so solemn,
The pain still there.
Where are we?
They left you, love.
Betrayal cradles with care,
Still breaking slowly,
Resting you down,
Once loved now lonely.
Breathing shallow,
Blood stains red,
A smile, as you greet death