Love Poem: My Tears
Joy Wellington Avatar
Written by: Joy Wellington

My Tears

My Tears

I am crying, for you, for me, for then and now.
I can hear you saying, “Don’t cry my love,
Not for spilt milk
Just talk to The Good Lord up above.

My heart is full inside my breast,
Each artery is swollen with stagnant pain.
Tell me my love, how I make myself forget,
How can we that innocence regain.

I can remember diving in the Blue Lagoon in Portland,
Its waters beyond blue were black.
Down I went without a fear, until I started to rise,
No light I could see and I thought I would never come back.

Synonymous of the darkness that surrounds me now
I shudder and shake in fear.
Then suddenly from out of nowhere,
I see you, I hear you.  You care!