Love Poem: Love Evolved From Trust
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Written by: Emile Pinet

Love Evolved From Trust

Diving deep into the depths of her soul my soul melded with hers, touching its core. Smiling shyly, relinquishing control, she seductively sighed, desiring more. Flecks of sunlight gilded her honeyed locks, like spun gold gently blowing in the wind. We locked ourselves in time, no need for clocks, or forgiveness, for neither of us sinned. Our two lonely souls melded into one, there could be no I or me, only we. We no longer needed to find someone, for the moment I found her, she found me. It is no surprise love evolved from trust, but so did hope; look it up if you must. (Sonnet/ Lipogram No Letter "A") 08/06/2020