Love Poems About Cod or Cod Love Poems
by J. Paradis |
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I See Beyond - - contest poem

I See Beyond…

I see beyond the damp, moldy roof shingling
I pay no mind to the stray cats on the stoop mingling
For I know that behind that chipped painted door 
Is a not just cape cod cottage but much more

A young girl in a dress runs through the kitchen tearing her stocking
Mother yells from the window on the back patio
She holds her husbands hand as they watch the seagulls flocking
Their daughter joins to wish them farewell as they go

I see beyond the weathered exterior and picture what could be
A home filled with love and children, my wife and me
I say, “I’ll take it!” to the real estate agent who stands in awe
Apparently he and others were not able to see beyond

by pipping stars |
Categories: art,

identity crisis

identity crisis me too we felt the feeling i love you remember me gripping that cod in the boat here we are sunk in every note ?

by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: allusion, best friend, farewell, mystery, ocean, sad, sleep,

In Your Dream

At night, you'd lay down and dream 
The days of our life
When I come around, please don't scream 
It cut through like a knife 

Swiftly, as the sea wind, it went down 
Would you blame it on God?
If am not seen another dawn 
To share with you my cod 

Before your phantasy runs wild 
Remember, I'll always love you 
In your dream, I'd be mild 
To make that beautiful body coo.

by Ross Greenlee |

Morning Walk Of a Bindlestiff

I walk through the brisk morning,
smoking my last cigarett.
The dark is calming to me.
Dogs bark in the nieghbors yard as I pass.

Sucking in the sweet smoke of English tabacco,
letting it flow out of my mouth,
only to suck it back in through my nose.
This early morning world is the one I love.

No other hustling and loud people to annoy me,
except the accasional car that passes by.
It's not hot and miserable,
It's cod and quiet, relaxing.

My cigarett is gone.
People are waking up.
It's getting warmer, and the sun is peeking.
Time for me to go home.

by Sarah-Jean Seymour |
Categories: love

Emotional Doors

We're bending,
But not breaking.  
Is this good?

I've grown tired of dialing, 
Ashamed your phone number
Has become a memorized muscle movement--
A seven-numbered cod
Printed over my eyes
That spells out "home."

I am trapped.
Trust is only a phase;
A tiny brush stroke on the canvas of my life
And more than I am afraid
Of causing you harm,
I am afraid of harming myself.

by Mahdee Johnson |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,


I Saw Trust Clearly
She Was Tall And Beautiful
She Moved Quick And Swift
But Made Beautiful Movement
I Saw Her Sky Blue Eyes 
And Heard Her Blanket Soft
And I Felt The Cod Wind Chills
She Sends Down My Back That
Will Affect Me Forever

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: dream, me, mom, poetry, travel, voice, wife,

I Am

I Am

Me-Created by God

Woman–I give freely, I am not a tightwad.

Wife–But not to Todd.

Mother–I do not believe in sparing the rod.

Poet–I love to write even if it is about a fly rod.

Comedian–Give me a nod.

Reader-My reading is not about sod. 

Dreamer–About the beach and catching a cod.

Leader–We are off like a flying squad.

Artist-Creative and odd.

Crafter–Making things that are mod.

Lover–Do not call the vice squad.

Traveler-Alone home or abroad.

Speaker-I love when they applaud.

A Rhyming Bio
Date Written: 5/2/2020 

2 Place    I AM: A LIST BIO CHALLENGE Contest Judged:5/25/2020
Sponsored by: Andrea Dietrich               

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: character, courage, faith,

Fish wish

Refusing to die, cod sought to fly 
Looking to the sky, bravely did try
Soon it’s fins, grew as wings
Gliding now, love songs sings
Flying way up high, whilst others sigh