Love Poem: I See Beyond - - contest poem
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Written by: J. Paradis

I See Beyond - - contest poem

I See Beyond…

I see beyond the damp, moldy roof shingling
I pay no mind to the stray cats on the stoop mingling
For I know that behind that chipped painted door 
Is a not just cape cod cottage but much more

A young girl in a dress runs through the kitchen tearing her stocking
Mother yells from the window on the back patio
She holds her husbands hand as they watch the seagulls flocking
Their daughter joins to wish them farewell as they go

I see beyond the weathered exterior and picture what could be
A home filled with love and children, my wife and me
I say, “I’ll take it!” to the real estate agent who stands in awe
Apparently he and others were not able to see beyond