Love Poem: Morning Walk Of a Bindlestiff
Ross Greenlee Avatar
Written by: Ross Greenlee

Morning Walk Of a Bindlestiff

I walk through the brisk morning,
smoking my last cigarett.
The dark is calming to me.
Dogs bark in the nieghbors yard as I pass.

Sucking in the sweet smoke of English tabacco,
letting it flow out of my mouth,
only to suck it back in through my nose.
This early morning world is the one I love.

No other hustling and loud people to annoy me,
except the accasional car that passes by.
It's not hot and miserable,
It's cod and quiet, relaxing.

My cigarett is gone.
People are waking up.
It's getting warmer, and the sun is peeking.
Time for me to go home.