Love Poems About Abundant or Abundant Love Poems
by Deb M |
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Contents of a Heart

What is inside a human heart
Is it sunshine warm and bright
Maybe fluffy soft white clouds
Or a full moon on a dark still night

Is there precious perfumed flowers
Or peaceful gentle rain
The glistening on a calm ocean
Or the joy of a sunrise and sunset again

Is it abundant with laughter 
Brimming with memories and treasures
Or simply overflowing with love
At the awe of life’s pleasures

by John Hamilton |
Categories: appreciation, devotion, longing, lost, love, repetition, trust,

Let Love Lead You Home

Lost in the world, no direction, no love, to be found,
No one cares for you, animosity knows no bounds.
When you're off course, you need not be alone,
A little help is all you need, let love lead you home.

Love is the compass, when you're astray in the woods,
Languishing in the darkness, you feel, gone for good.
A glimmer of hope, when, someone finds where you roam,
Let love lead the way, let love lead you home.

Temptation is abundant, too easy to go astray,
Loyalty is the director, helps to show you the way.
Show your thankfulness, for the love you've been shown.
Let love lead the way, let love lead you home.

John Derek Hamilton   October 21,2015

by Thomas Wells |
Categories: happiness, hope, myth, mythology, summer, sun, sunshine,

Summer Solstice

Cloudless sky, naked shades of azure.
Oh, summer vibrant, resplendent sun,
We thank Lugh for his longest luster,
Grateful for the bounty he gives everyone.

Sun lights awareness in every entity.
Oh, boldest, brightest waking day,
Season of growth, splendor, and fertility.
Abundant Earth is teeming with DNA.

We plant the new seeds in our souls.
Oh, wondrous, endless fire regenerative,
May we sip from love and passion’s bowls.
May we always pause, reflect and be appreciative.

Each summer we must willingly shed our tropes,
And rediscover each other with newfound hopes.

by Deb M |
Categories: beauty, meaningful, sea,

Cottage of Stone

There is a little cottage down by the sea
That serves warm scones and pots of tea

An old tired cottage made of stone
That stands pridefully all alone

An elderly couple sit outside
She hands him a scone with jam and cream applied

He pours her tea from a teapot of vivid blue
As the  morning sun wakes and lazily peeks through

A scruffy little dog  wanders over to her seat
Plonks himself down on top of her feet

Happily they sit at this little cottage made of stone
A cottage abundant with love and memories 
They call home!

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: love, religious, spiritual, truth,

Double Blessing Reprise

When I say: "Love and more love" to you,
What I’m also saying is,
I bestow a brotherly double blessing upon your soul
so faithful and true
When I say: "Love and more love" to you
What I’m spiritually saying is,
I send a Resurrection greeting kiss unto you,
delivered always faithful and true ...
A double blessing born again each day anew 
Abundant love given to you, from me, in this life;
and more abundant love given to you, from me, in the next life 
My deepest wishes of a double blessing for you,
are sealed with a holy kiss from my two lips

This poem is my tribute to the talented poet, James Edward Lee Sr.

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: love, spiritual, visionary,

Sun Stare

I stared long into the sun,
and got blinded by the truth
My carnal eyesight was burned away
as I descended down from atop my roof
Now I walk among you sightless,
yet seeing everything
Being blinded by the truth is most liberating
Come all ye children,
sons and daughters of the Most High
Lift your heads to the sky
and open your eyes
Gaze long into the sun,
let abundant light come in from this sun stare
Then go forth, now color blind,
revealing the nature of God to whomsoever everywhere

by Deb M |
Categories: heart, peace, remember, voice,

Let Your Heart Speak

Let your heart speak 
Let it be open and free
Don’t keep it locked tight
Then throw away the key

Let it feel all life’s wonders
Let it hear natures melody 
Let it know the warmth of love
Let it always guide you safely

Let it  forever be full of kindness
Abundant with joy and peace
Let it always listen to others
Let your heart speak…..

by Pardy Mupfumbu |
Categories: black love,

Will You

Will you take me into your space,
cradle me upon the sultry limbs of your nebulous grace?
the expansive arms of the universe,
where peaceful slumber awaits.
Your poetry laden comets,
bore abundant love;
all towed in freights.
Gingerly drinking in the depth
of your face,
seemingly blindfolded;
I'll tread each dark crater.
My head in a swirl of your majestic trace,
where I would stumble upon
a love ever so pure.

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: appreciation, god, life, love, thanks,

Recipe For a Life of Love

Wake up every day, give thanks to the Lord
  An expression of gratitude you can surely afford

Then take a minute, just a minute, to contemplate
  Is there anyone on this Earth whom I think that I hate

If so, purge that hate from your heart; it has no place there
  Consign it to ashes; of its return - please beware

After that one more minute - OK - maybe two
  Infuse your heart with love for every person you knew
and now know... at home, at school, at work, on the street 
  Vow to receive with good cheer every new face you meet

Manifest the image of God; He's yours to glorify
  Fill your heart with pure love ~ in abundant supply

by Kathryn Search |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, forgiveness, joy, love, trust,

A Glorious Work

A GLORIOUS WORK A glorious work shall be done Thru my blessed Lord. A wondrous work within my soul, A work beyond reward. Not I shall do this work, I know. ‘Tis in His power alone. Yet, when I give myself to Him Through me His love is shown. Oh, do this glorious work in me. I pray Your will I’ll do. Let only You be seen in me, Thus, I abide in You. Then I shall show Your wondrous love To all within my sphere, And when You come to take me home The words “well done” I’ll hear. I won’t deserve Your thanks, dear Lord, But this one thing I know, The abundant grace You give to me Is more than I can show. Copyright, Kathryn Search

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, hope, inspirational love, jesus, peace,

Are You Saved?

At the end of each moment,
Lies a seed – sometimes an echo,
Stirring the depths of yearning,
Breathless as prayers, burning.

At the end of each nighttime,
Lies a weed – sometimes a thought,
Reflecting the music, the hues
Peaceful mysteries, enchanting stillness.

At the end of each risk,
Lies a deed – sometimes a dream,
Whispering of life, silent and meaningful,
Despairing of the star strewn skies.

Beyond the moments, the nights, the risks,
Abides a wisdom, reassuring and flavored in kisses,
Abundant as the gentling of a tenderness,
Brought to life by the urgency of God’s grace,
His life, breathless as praise, poured out so the world,
Can be saved… 

by Marvin G. Celestial |
Categories: dream, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, love,

My Dreams

I want to dream
Like flying across the sky
Finding out greater heights
Seeing others view of reality
And be one with the sky.

I want to dream 
Swimming underneath the ocean
Searching water creatures
Fishes, clamps, and corals
Discern what their importance’s are
In our existence and health.

I want to dream
Walking underneath the ground
Exploring things that make us
Wealthy and abundant
Seeing the sources of gold, diamond
And any mineral alike.

I want to dream all my life
To enjoy everything
With my dream Self
As I always know
It’s another form of my reality.

by Reta Pruitt |
Categories: caregiving, hope, love,

To the Bride, With Love, From the King

I give you more abundant life 
I've cleansed you of all sin
I've clothed you with undying love 
The apple of my eye you've been.

With bread and wine I fed you
Flesh of my flesh you are
You are my bride elect
I am your 'bright and morning star.

As we unite in marriage
In the body we're made one
It's a three-fold cord that binds us 
Father, Holy Ghost and Son.

Eternity awaits us 
The long awaited kingdom's come
A life of heavenly proportions 
And it's only just begun.

August 19, 2016

by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: jesus, life, religious,

Abundant Life

When I have slipped beyond
the surly bonds of Earth,
And put on Immortality,
exuberant joy, I will put on like a robe,
When the blessed Saviour I shall see.

Unspeakable joy, peace, and love
will be seen on every face.
Oh, the happy reunions that will abound
In this lovely, Holy place!

Jesus the author of our salvation
and creator of all mankind,
will receive me into a more abundant life
than any on Earth I could find.

by Christuraj Alex |
Categories: care, life, love, poverty,

The Waste Picker

She's a little girl aging nine or ten,
Short, serene, slim, with a look luminous;
Obtaining no formal education,
Possessing many a dream glorious;

At sharp five, every morning, her day dawns,
Her dirty sack she takes and off she goes;
Roads, rail tracks, parks, and even private lawns,
What will she get? And where? She never knows;

Parents long unwell and struggling siblings,
She serves them utmost with care abundant;
She collects old bottles, pans, iron strings,
Exchanges and makes a meager amount;

Thus, the little goddess solemnly toils,
Feeds all, sleeps hungry, often, full of smiles.

Open Poetry 4 Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Charlotte Puddifoot

by Nicole Sharon Brown |
Categories: together, uplifting, visionary,

Abundant Life

Life in the streets will be erased.
Smiles on many, many faces.
Luxury at its best is on your plate.
The love of God from you or your family,
Will never be in any form separate.
Giving will never be outside of your vocabulary.
You, your wife, kids, and other descendants will be legendary.
Life to the fullest will be lived.
The global society will gain from the works of your family and you.
An abundant life you and your family will be living, too.
In other words, you, your wife and kids will be living the life that’s true.

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: bible, fruit, spiritual,

The Fruit of the Spirit

From the fullness of God's spirit
Receive his LOVE so perfectly divine
Under the filling up of ecstasy
In the JOY that proves God's sign
The contentment God's holiness brings
Over our troubles and battles brings PEACE
For in the struggles that come our way
True PATIENCE comes from God never to cease
Help comes from the Lord Jesus himself
Every act of KINDNESS he'll graciously provide
Such is God's abundant GOODNESS upon us
Proving his FAITHFULNESS so in him to confide
Inspiring to know our Lord's GENTLENESS
Righteousness perfecting to his holiness
Indwelling within helping our SELF CONTROL
This is fruit of the spirit God's gloriousness

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: christian, dedication, deep, god,

Psalm of Worship

With deep longing, when "Ancient of Days" I meet
From above, with God's love, covered by Christ's blood
I'll sing, "Hallelujah" while choirs and church bells ring.

The Divinity of Christ, so mysterious, expressed in Trinity
Unfathomable awe, lying prostrate before the Creator of All.

"Oh Ageless One, Your sacrifice for sinners is matchless
You bled, a crown of thorns upon Your head
So we might have life more abundant and free
With Him, Truth and Light, no darkness can dim."

Written on 2/2/2015

by Manmath Dalei |
Categories: imagination, patriotic,

I Need

I Need.......
I need a magic needle
To sew,
Abundant love with my heart,
Dignity with my society,
And a package of peace
With my country as a whole!
Dear friends,
This is my goal.

I need a magic soap
To clean,
Rage from my soul,
Passion from my society,
And ferocity of violence
from my country as a whole!
Dear friends,
This is my goal.

I need a magic brush
To paint,
Vicious glimpses of terrorism,
Enormity of corruption,
Darkness of dirty politics,
And the eye of poverty
for my country as a whole! 
Dear friends,
This is my goal.
By, Manmath Kumar Dalei/Odisha/India

by Joshua Akinwande |
Categories: faith, love, romance, social, life, life, love,

Right To Love

Right to love is right to life
A choice to hate is definitely an invitation of death
True love is a blessing but otherwise could be a curse
A life deprive of love is worse than a life sentenced to death in the court of law
Love is a tree of life and fruits are enormous blessings
In love is abundant wealth and good health
In love is everlasting peace and sound mind
In love is boundless joy and immeasurable happiness
Seek to love always for our world to remain alive

© 2011

by Jeslyn Cai |
Categories: 9th grade, mother, mother daughter,

My Mother S Love

“My Mother’s Love”

My mother, like a mother bear
Protects me with abundant care
In things she says I should not dare
Like whining that my life’s not fair

A kid I am who does not know
The outside dangers that life throw
My mom is always there to grow
Me so I face life’s highs and lows

My mother, friend, my guide in life
An ever-present cup of light
The ever-shining star at night
Who never ceases to burn so bright!

                                         Jeslyn Cai

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: celebration, thanksgiving,

A Time To Gather

With grateful hearts we gather near
To celebrate this day, so dear
Sharing with loved ones, side by side
A grand, abundant feast appears.

To celebrate this day, so dear
We reap a bountiful harvest, here
Sitting together around the table
Soft glow of candle light appears.

Sharing with loved ones, side by side
This blessed moment in our lives
Then holding hands, we bow in prayer
To thank God for all that He provides.

A grand, abundant feast appears
With thankful hearts we shed a tear
The table is spread with tender care
Our bond of love is true and clear.

Written on 11/12/20

by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: beautiful, god, love, river,

Like a Mighty River

Like a mighty river…
Flowing from the throne of God.
     His Love flows to you and me.

God’s Love is everlasting,
     Abundant and free-
Forever it washes over me!

by Kim Merryman |
Categories: faith, love,

Light In the Darkness

is a
light shining
in the darkness
giving sight to the
blind. There is hope for the
hopeless, help for the helpless,
peace for the troubled, joy for the
sorrowful, love for the unloved, life
for the dead. Jesus is the Light of the
world. He is our hope, our help, our peace,
our joy. His love is amazing,
abundant, unending. He
gives life everlasting
to those who receive
Him, embrace Him.
His mercy


by João Camilo |
Categories: art, love, time,

A Swing

There is a swing hanging on a dead tree
Every evening, a girl sits and plays
Back and forth – from a rear window I see
The swing takes her one step closer to the sky
And brings her back to the ground in glee
The grass under her feet is verdant
Her shadow always late, pursuing in vain
The lace of her hair – her will adamant
The shadow is a guide albeit a little eager
Like Virgil searching for his Dante,
Why had time so swift flow?
Night is near and the tree like I recall
Green and abundant – covers eve’s glow
The girl swinging higher and higher to the sky
Until she is called to sit under my window.